Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge in Rose Gold Swiss Watches

Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge

The new Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge series of watches features three beautifully executed reproductions of paintings done by French artists Francois Boucher (Allegory of Music, 1764 and Allegory of Painting, 1765) and Simon Vouet (Allegory of Time aka Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and Beauty, 1627.) While former painter (wha also was an etcher and a draughtsman!) representing Rococo style, the latter was actually one of those who, according to Wikipedia, helped “to introduce the Italian Baroque style of painting to France” and produced a number of great works currently represented in Louvre, Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie (Poland) and La Galleria Nazionale in Rome, Italy.

Specializing in “artisan watches,” Angular Momentum invests a lot of effort (and possibly cash) into creating truly unique timekeepers with all their timekeepers decorated by hands of highly-skilled professionals. The paintings on this new limited edition run were reproduced using the Camaieu Rouge technique where, according to the brand’s press release, “miniature paintings are monochromatically executed in organic carmine red lake pigments, natural Ivory black and gold leaf” producing a very impressive, if a bid morbid in its combination of red and black, piece of work that may itself sometime find its place in a museum or, at the very least, in a private collection of a serious connoisseur.

Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge Allegory of Music by Francois Boucher

In this particular case, the pigment was applied to the inner side of the 32,400-carat sapphire crystal leaving only a small aperture at 12 o’clock for a digital hours display. Yes, this is a one-handed watch that, surprisingly, also does a very good job at telling time.

I do not realize how many man hours of painstaking work does it take to produce a single painted crystal, but the quality of the work doesn’t seize to amaze me.

Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge Allegory of Painting by Francois Boucher

Although I can’t imagine myself wearing such a watch, I would definitely love to add this masterpiece to my collection. If price was not an issue, that is.

The watch is animated by an unspecified hand-wound movement, but that’s absolutely fine with me since the primary objective of this collection of beautiful timepieces is to display the skillfully executed miniatures, not to tell time or to impress public with complications like tourbillons or perpetual calendars.

The movement is placed inside a two-body 38 mm case made of 18-carat rose gold.

Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge Allegory of Time by Simon Vouet

As you can see on the pictures, the case sports signature centered round lugs and an oversized 8.00 mm winding crown with onyx cabochon, also a signature component often used in Angular Momentum watches. Although the case may be called “tiny” by today’s standards, the choice of size actually increases the value of the watch since, obviously, it takes a lot more effort to reproduce a painting on a small crystal of a 38 mm piece than the same image on a huge sapphire of a 48 mm “pilot.”

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Photos: Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum Camaieu Rouge hand-wound watch specification

Price: No data
Movement: Manual, Swiss Made
Movement decoration: Standard finish
Functions: “Digital”-style hours display
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case material: Rose gold
Bezel material: Rose gold
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 38.00 mm
Lug width: No data
Case height: No data
Dial: White
Numerals: Arabic
Hands: Steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Black leather
Crystal: Sapphire, painted on the inside
Case back: Sapphire

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