Concord C1 BlackSpider teaser image revealed Swiss Watches

Concord C1 BlackSpider teaser image revealed

Ahead of Baselworld 2011, the Swiss watchmaker Concord has just released a teaser image of its upcoming watch: the new Concord C1 BlackSpider.

Although the teaser looks, ahem, like a teaser in a sense that it’s sort of difficult to even guess the basic layout of the watch, the impression that it makes is nothing but intimidating. I guess, that was the idea.

Concord C1 BlackSpider teaser

As one can gather looking at the teaser image, the watch will be released in a fairly large octagonal case with the movement taking only a small portion of the real estate judging by the way the moonlight oozes right through its body between the bezel and the dial that presumably will also serve as a main-plate of the mechanism. If my estimates based on the visible proportions are correct, this may very well be a monstrosity some 48 or maybe even 50 millimeters in diameter: something that people with fat wallets seem to be really fancy of.

The main “cage” is connected to the case with eight attachments imitating eight legs of an arachnid. The only thing that really draws attention here is the glowing thing in the upper part of the dial. For all it’s worth, it may be a sapphire in the center of a tourbillon carriage although don’t quote me on that.

All in all, the watch will probably look like a small birdeater comfortably sitting on a wrist. It makes me wince, really, but in a good way: although I am not really fond of spiders (especially those of the bigger variety,) I must admit that it would be nice to hold one of these upcoming timepieces in hand, if only just for five minutes or so. After all, we are all tired of the constant stream of ultra-luxury timekeepers that keep exploiting the same design ideas developed back in XVIII century.

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Photos: Concord

Concord C1 BlackSpider watch specification

Price: N/A
Movement: N/A
Movement decoration: N/A
Functions: N/A
Power reserve: N/A
Case material: N/A
Bezel material: N/A
Case shape: Octagonal
Bezel shape: Octagonal
Case size: N/A
Lug width: N/A
Case height: N/A
Dial: N/A
Numerals: N/A
Hands: N/A
Water resistance: N/A
Strap: Black rubber
Crystal: Sapphire
Case back: Sapphire

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