HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Watch Gadgets

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Watch

The upcoming HD3 Slyde digital touch watch will be equipped with a high-definition touch-screen that will effectively let you have dozens of watches on your wrist at just a fraction of a price.

Pin ItCreated by Jorg Hysek Jr who happens to be a son of the famous watchmaker Jorg Hysek, the watch uses the same approach to the user interface that was first developed by Apple.

It takes just a simple slide of a finger to page through different functions of a watch or even change the dial layout altogether.

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch

(The business case for this watch is also similar to that of Apple. The Swiss watchmakers will only allow you to install their own (or, probably, approved third-party) software to enhance the gadget’s functionality.)

From the demo video, which is available at HD3 Slyde’s teaser site, one can gather that the new watch will offer a 1/100th sec. chronograph, a timer, a moonphase display, and even a rudimentary organizer that will count down time to a certain private event.

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch (1/100th sec. chronograph window)

To download or upload the needed info, you will only need to access your computer via a mini USB cable (looks like there will be no Bluetooth connectivity in order to reduce the drain on the built-in battery.)

Sources also say that HD3 Slyde owners will be able to buy “limited edition” hardware modules that will enhance the timekeeper’s functionality. I hope that the modules will include gear similar to Linde Werdelin‘s The Rock or The Reef computers making the watch more sports-friendly.

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch (timer, front view)

At this time, the prototype is equipped with an simple LED screen, but I hope that by the time that the watch is ready (ETA is September, 2011) there will be an OLED/SAMOLED display that will be more readable when exposed to direct sun light.

As to the price, the gadget is expected to retail for around €4000.

It will be officially presented later this month at Baselworld 2011 event.

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch (moonphase application)

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch (explode view)

HD3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Watch (hands on)

Photos: HD3

HD3 Slyde digital touch-screen watch specification

Price: €4000
Movement: N/A
Movement decoration: N/A
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, GMT, stop seconds, moonphase, you name it
Power reserve: N/A
Case material: N/A
Bezel material: N/A
Case shape: Rectangular
Bezel shape: Rectangular
Case size: N/A
Lug width: N/A
Case height: N/A
Dial: Touch-screen, capacitive
Numerals: Arabic
Hands: N/A
Water resistance: N/A
Strap: Rubber
Crystal: Sapphire
Case back: Solid

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