Mutewatch Silent Alarm wristband nears production Gadgets

Mutewatch Silent Alarm wristband nears production

It looks like guys from the Swedish Mutewatch AB company have actually managed to find an investor for their cool-looking Mutewatch silent alarm wristband. Available for pre-order since August, 2010, the new gadget is said to officially go on sale in July, 2011.

Offered at a modest price of €199, (plus shipment costs) the watch may be ordered in one of three solid colors: Pure White, Poppy Red and Charcoal Grey.

For the price, you get a touch screen, gesture-operated device that can work as wrist watch, a stopwatch, a timer and will also serve its primary function as a silent alarm clock.

Charged via standard USB port, the watch can also be upgraded when the new firmware is available on the official website.

Mutewatch Silent Alarm wristband

Some people might argue that you don’t have to get yourself another gadget if you already have a smartphone.

However, at any given task, a smartphone -whether it is powered by iOS or Android- has a number of disadvantages compared to a gadget designed specifically for the task.

The first of all, the smartphone won’t set the alarm off if its battery dies in the middle of the night.

The second is that the alarm may simply not work at all because of some software glitch.

You can miss your train or an important business appointment because the alarm would sound an hour later because the daylight saving time changed at 3 a.m. Just remember all those woes of disgruntled iPhone users we heard last March.

In fact, the list of little inconveniences may go on forever.

Well, if that sounds convincing to you, you may order your gadget at the brand’s corporate website at

By the way, here is a short 3D animation that lets you better understand how the gadget actually works:

Mutewatch silent wristband alarm specification

Price: €199
Movement: N/A
Functions: Time, Silent Alarm, Timer
Power reserve: 1-2 weeks
Charging time: 2 hours (from USB port)
Case material: Plastic
Bezel material: Plastic
Bezel shape: Square
Band width: 25.40 mm
Band thickness: 12.50 mm
Dial: Touchscreen
Numerals: Arabic
Hands: N/A
Water resistance: N/A
Strap: Plastic
Crystal: N/A
Case back: Plastic

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