Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day & Night Swiss Watches

Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day & Night

The niche-based Swiss watchmaker Angular Momentum has finally presented its new La Boulle Classic Day & Night timepiece. This one is the first wristwatch from Angular Momentum that I actually would like to buy. Not that there was anything wrong with their earlier timekeepers that I have seen, but the nice combination of a military-style 24-hours (or, rather, 12+12 hours) display with day and night indication with vintage-styled hands and Breguet-type numerals makes it one of the most memorable timekeepers currently offered by independent Swiss-based watchmakers.

Also, if I understand things correctly, AM is a relatively small brand even for an independent and there is a good chance that, firstly, the supply will be limited from the beginning and, secondly, the chance that the brand’s owner will at some point in time decides to make a “special edition, centennial anniversary, absolutely limited run of 999 pieces” version of the watch are, too, infinitesimally small. This, in my humble opinion, seriously increases the timekeeper’s collectability factor.

Well, I can’t really imagine myself wearing it on a daily basis (even with a suit,) but a collector in me just craves for such an interesting-looking timekeeper to be put into safe together with other masterpieces that I possess.

According to the company, all watches from the La Boulle collection are not only hand-made (however, I suppose that the mechanical movements come from ETA or other Swiss independents or simply bought as NOS -New Old Stock- from long-gone brands, like, say, Unitas or FHF ,since Angular Momentum is not a Manufacture and doesn’t produce its own calibers) and are made to order.

Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day & Night automatic watch

There is a great deal of dials and cases combinations, but their La Boulle Classic Day & Night model seems to be the best in the whole collection.

As you can see on the photo, the watch features a rare modification of the standard 24-hour indication with the Day/Night display.

Instead of the usual “1,2, …, 23, 24” sequence, the watch features a Day & Night dial so you can always tell whether it is 7 o’clock in the morning or 7 o’clock in the evening without turning to the military-style “seven hundred” or “nineteen hundred” styles respectively. What a relief.

If I understand them correctly, this particular model may be ordered in just about every case diameter ranging from dressy 39 mm to enormous 47 mm.

The case is attached to the lacquered black leather strap with Angular Momentum’s signature one-point lugs that not only make the watch look even more original, but also increase the feeling of lightness that they produce.

I truly hope that there will be a version in yellow gold, too.

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Photo: Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day & Night watch specification

Price range: TBD
Movement: Automatic, built to order, Swiss Made
Functions: 24-hour display, date/night indication
Power reserve: No data
Case material: Polished stainless steel
Case shape: Round
Case size: 39.00 mm to 47.00 mm
Case height: 11.5 mm
Dial: Black and white
Hands: Gold, leaf-shaped
Water resistance: No data
Strap: Leather
Crystal: Sapphire
Case-back: Sapphire

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