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DeLaneau Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays Ladies Watch

The new DeLaneau Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays automatic ladies watch is yet another offering from the Swiss watchmaker and jeweler DeLaneau that features their signature jumping hours and minutes complication.

Overall Impression

I must admit that this new device has impressed me, alright. While an overwhelming majority of watchmaking brands prefer to lure female customers with nothing more than jewelry items that happen to have a simple mechanism and a pair of hands, this one is another story.

Although still relatively simple, it comes with a very nice complication that is not that widespread even when it comes to watches designed for gentlemen. Instead of the usual analog display, this one features a lot cooler digital indication which is powered by a seriously enhanced mechanical movement.

And, speaking of jewelry, it also looks quite nice designed to resemble a miniature purse with its stylized upper lug.

If you were searching for something that stands out from the crowd, this is possibly it.


Like their recent Delaneau Amazone Blueberries 1608 model, the new watch is powered by the Caliber 1608 automatic movement. The movement is based on the Frederic Piguet FP 1150 caliber with an add-on module that makes the “jumping hours and minutes” gig possible.

DeLaneau Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays Automatic Ladies Watch in White Gold

Thanks to its compact size, the movement is very popular when it comes to watches designed for ladies. However, when it comes to all sorts of “jumping” displays, what you really need is a combination of small size with large enough “reservoirs” to store all the energy that is needed to instantly rotate tiny disks with Arabic numerals printed on them. Given the movement’s double-barrel design and ability to go for as many as 100 hours when fully wound (of course, without the complication module), the choice was sort of obvious.

The tiny engine is, for that matters, quite complex: it adds 32 more jewels to the mechanism’s original 29 synthetic rubies and increasing the number of parts to 218.


The movement is hidden inside a spacious rectangular case 40 mm in width and 36 mm in height. Sounds scary, but in fact the piece looks very organic on a normal wrist.

Crafted of 18-carat white gold, the case features a U-shaped upper lug that provides the watch with its unique look.

Since DeLaneau is dealing with really expensive timepieces (some of them cost like a luxury motorboat or a German sports car,) the watch is amply adorned with huge diamonds of different sizes, but seemingly of the same cut.

All in all, there are as many as 485 diamonds tipping the scales at impressive 3.68 carats.


The dial is also richly decorated with green jade and white mother of pearl stripes that together form a fragment of the Japanese Navy ensign. The color is wrong, though, but that probably has something to do with the fact that DeLaneau seems to like it a lot using different shades of green in a lot of their products.

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Photos: DeLaneau

DeLaneau Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays automatic ladies watch specification

Price: TBA, very expensive
Movement: Automatic, caliber 1608, base FP 11.50 with DL’s add-on module, 27.40 x 29.90 mm, 5.75 mm in height, 218 components, Swiss Made
Number of jewels: 61
Functions: Jumping hours, jumping minutes
Power reserve: No data
Case material: White gold
Bezel material: White gold
Case shape: Rectangular
Bezel shape: Rectangular
Case size: 40.00 mm x 36.00 mm
Lug width: No data
Case height: No data
Dial: Green jade and white mother-of-pearl
Numerals: Arabic
Hands: None, digital display
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: White crocodile leather strap
Crystal: Sapphire
Case back: Sapphire

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