Angular Momentum “Guilloche Noir and Koi” Japan Lacquer Timepiece Swiss Watches

Angular Momentum "Guilloche Noir and Koi" Japan Lacquer Timepiece

The new Angular Momentum “Guilloche Noir and Koi” hand-wound watch features a nicely executed Japanese Koi carp swimming over a beautiful guilloche black dial lacquered with the Japanese taka-maki-e lacquerwork.

It is always a pleasure to write about Angular Momentum timepieces.

While most other Swiss watchmakers prefer to walk the beaten track, the guys at AM never tire to offer more and more original works that can be described as no less as the real masterpieces.

Angular Momentum "Guilloche Noir and Koi" hand-wound watch

This particular timekeeper features a beautiful black dial with black Japanese lacquerwork covering a frighteningly natural-looking Koi carp.

The monochromatic dial features a huge black diamond that serves as the fish’s eye with almost a dozen of smaller clear cut diamonds imitating water droplets.

The whole composition is enclosed in a mid-sized 42 mm two-body case crafted out of 1.4435Cnu Staybrite stainless steel. The mirror polished surface of the case perfectly matches the dark glitter of the dial and that of the black alligator leather strap attached to the signature centered round lugs.

Angular Momentum "Guilloche Noir and Koi" hand-wound watch (dial)

The black diamond theme is beautifully supported with a black onyx cabochon that adorns the inevitable huge winding crown whole 8.00 mm in diameter. Although some find the part a bit too big for their tastes, one thing is certain: a watch was never as easy to wind-up thanks to the oversized crown.

As the rest of the recently presented Artisan watches, the new Angular Momentum “Guilloche Noir and Koi” is powered by an unspecified ultra-flat hand-wound movement that offers nothing but the most basic functionality of displaying current hours and minutes. The Swiss watchmaker often equips their timekeepers with “new old stock” mechanisms from the pre-“Quartz Revolution” era that are simply taken apart, cleaned, reassembled and re-oiled in order to power your watch for years (perhaps, decades) to come. This one, too, appears to be a NOS device although, frankly, I can’t make an educated guess as for what caliber exactly ticks inside this beautiful timekeeper.

Angular Momentum "Guilloche Noir and Koi" hand-wound watch (front view)

Of course, like it is often the case with “monochromatic” watches, legibility of the watch suffers a great deal from the choice of color scheme (it is more or less readable in normal lighting, but in dim light becomes almost impossible to read,) but, as I am never tired to underline, a watch from Angular Momentum is primarily a decorative item, or, if you will, an object of art. The brand’s customers usually don’t buy these watches because of their ability to tell time in any circumstances: the watches are primarily bought for their beauty and most of them will end up in private collections and, perhaps, even in museums when the time finally comes.

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Photos: Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum “Guilloche Noir and Koi” Japan Lacquer manual-wind watch specification

Price: No data
Movement: Manual, ultra-flat, Swiss Made
Movement decoration: Standard finish
Functions: Hours, minutes
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case material: 1.4435Cnu Staybrite steel
Bezel material: 1.4435Cnu Staybrite steel
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 42.00 mm
Lug width: No data
Case height: 12.00 mm
Dial: Black Japan lacquer takamaki
Numerals: None
Hands: Steel, plume-shaped
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Black alligator strap
Crystal: Sapphire
Case back: Sapphire

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