Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB Collection Japanese

The Japanese watchmaker Casio has updated its DW6900 line of funky yet shock-proof electronic watches with the flashy Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB Collection that comprises four new members each offered in outrageously bright colors of their rubber straps and outer shells crafted from the same material.

Available in Darth Vader-style Jet Black with silvered mirror dial (DW6900NB-1,) acid-trip-like Metallic Lime Green with a green and purple dial, inspired by Japanese rice rockets immortalized in the Fast and Furious franchise Metallic Eggplant (DW6900NB-4,) and Crisp White (DW6900NB-7, fans of Storm Troopers will like them, too) the gadget is positioned as a fashion accessory for young people enjoying their active lifestyle.

Well, if by ‘active lifestyle’ they mean going to the loudest and most startling rave parties ever, the watches are certainly the way to go.

As the previous members of the family, the new timekeeper is powered by the Module 1289 “movement” that is powered by the CR2016 battery and also happens to offer an almost overwhelming list of functions, each of them quite usable even today, when we are virtually overwhelmed by all sorts of gadgets designed for all sorts of competing ecosystems (Casio, however, doesn’t look like it wants you to make you its slave: they don’t want to subscribe you to fancy services and put you into a world of pain of proprietary standards and form-factors, they simply offer you an inexpensive watch with lots of functions that you will only have to pay for once and then use it till the watch dies of old age).

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB Metallic Lime Green electronic watch

Among those useful functions, are different kinds of stopwatches and timers, full auto calendar, different alarms and, of course, the signature EL backlighting with afterglow.

Good for depths of down to 200 meters, the watch may be used not only for swimming and some basic snorkeling, but even for casual diving, although it is not as comfortable as a real diving computer.

Measuring 53.2 millimeters in height by 50.0 millimeters in width and more than 16 millimeters in thickness, this is a huge watch. But that’s absolutely okay for those living in jeans, t-shirts and Nike LeBron AirMax shoes. Weighing approximately 2.5 ounces, it is also very (almost dangerously so, since you may easily forget that you actually have a gadget on your wrist before smashing it badly into a wall or some other hard surface) light.

The DW6900NB collection goes on sale this month at a price of $99 which looks like a great price for a kid who always gets into all sorts of trouble and still has to finance his or her expenses out of (painfully limited) monthly allowances.

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB-7 Crisp White electronic watch

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Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB-1 Jet Black electronic watch

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB-4 Metallic Eggplant electronic watch

Photos: Casio

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic DW6900NB digital electronic watch specification

Price: $99 (MSRP)
Movement: Casio Module 1289, Made in Japan
Movement decoration: N/A
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, full calendar, alarms, buzzer, stopwatch, timer, 12/24-hour formats
Power reserve: 24 months (battery CR2016)
Case material: Resin
Bezel material: Resin
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 53.20 x 50.00 mm
Lug width: No data (proprietary rubber strap)
Case height: 16.30 mm
Dial: Digital, LCD with backlighting
Numerals: Arabic
Hands: None
Water resistance: 200 meters
Strap: Resin, matching color of the case
Crystal: Mineral
Case back: Solid

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  1. hi i would like to purchase the lime green gshock. is it still available? if not do you know where i can get one?

  2. Hey furhad,

    Yes, the ref. DW6900NB is sold online in numerous stores. Try or eBay.

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