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The French jewelry house Boucheron has recently presented its new collection of high-jewelry watches. While all members of the new family look gorgeous, the new Boucheron Audacious Hera Tourbillon (ref. WA020201) -a wristwatch that exists in just one example- is absolutely stunning not only because of the sheer amount of diamonds and other precious stones, but also thanks to the extreme beauty of its fragile case designed to look like an exotic bird.

With its its fantastic bird-styled body the new accessory may not look as, um, audacious as the last year’s JwlryMachine created by Boucheron in collaboration with the industry’s enfant terrible MB&F (as you may have already guessed, they used the brand’s iconic Horology Machine No.3 as a base for the model,) but it is still an absolutely outstanding piece of jewelry that explores another dimension of Boucheron’s legacy.

Built in white gold set with literally hundreds of Paraiba tourmalines, diamonds and sapphires weighing around 35 carats, the watch is created in such a way as to mimic the graceful shape of the peacock, the bird, which is known for its beautiful blue-green or green colored plumage.

In ancient Greece the bird was an official symbol of Hera — Zeus’s wife and the mother of Ares.

Boucheron Audacious Hera Tourbillon ladies watch in white god and diamonds

Although on these promotional photos the trinket looks sort of large, it is in fact not. According to the watchmaker, the piece unique measures just over 31 and 36 millimeters in width and length respectively and is also relatively thin at less than 11 millimeters. It is sort of pointless to talk about ergonomics in general and readability in particular when it comes to something that is mostly and primarily a piece of art that is supposed to live most of its (hopefully extremely long) life in a museum. Yet, it is still a pleasure to note that, at least when it comes to telling time, the watch will do its job with flying colors: the combination of textures and colors is good enough even for a color-blinded person to easily read time at just a single glance.

Powering the watch is the famous Three Golden Bridges automatic tourbillon movement made by the Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux.

Boucheron Audacious Hera Tourbillon ladies watch (dial, detail)

Patented in March 1884, re-launched as a reverse-engineered tribute edition in 1981 and finally becoming a commercially produced wrist watch movement in 1991, the movement is highly popular among watch collectors thanks to its sheer beauty and technical ingenuity.

This particular version of the movement has its baseplate decorated with two different shades of green tourmalines, the gems that Boucheron seems to like so much.

The watch will soon go on sale and, frankly speaking, I can’t even imagine how expensive it will be.

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Photos: Boucheron

Boucheron Audacious Collection: Hera Tourbillon automatic watch (ref. WA020201) specification

Price: TBD, Probably very (I mean, like, VERY) expensive
Movement: Automatic, probably Caliber 9600 by Girard-Perregaux, Swiss Made
Movement decoration: Set with tourmalines
Functions: Hours, minutes, tourbillon
Power reserve: 75 hours
Case material: White gold
Bezel material: White gold
Case shape: Oval
Bezel shape: Oval
Case size: No data
Lug width: No data
Case height: No data
Dial: White gold, set with tourmalines
Numerals: None
Hands: White gold
Water resistance: No data
Strap: White gold bracelet sculpted to mimic the plumes of the peacock
Crystal: Sapphire, antireflective
Case back: Sapphire

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