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Gadget of the Day: Kisai Rogue LED/LCD Touch Pocket Watch

The guys at TokyoFlash have recently unveiled a limited edition version of their long sold out Kisai Rogue Touch wrist watch. Called rather plainly Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED, the new timekeeper differs from the original only with the size of its case and the way it is attached to your, um, body.

While the wrist version of the bizarre watch was presented in a more or less compact body only 42 millimeters in diameter and just 12 mm high, this new model, which is supposed to spend much of its life in your vest pocket (suppose you have a vest,) sports a much more impressive stainless steel body almost 47 millimeters wide and more than 13 millimeters thick.

The increase in dimensions was probably due to the massive spring-hinged front cover, which is equipped with an easy to scratch (but cheaper than a sapphire crystal) mineral glass.

Protecting the “always on” LCD display of the electronic gadget from inevitable scratches that may be inflicted by keys, coins, lighters and other hard objects that people tend to carry in their jeans pockets (I can’t really imagine the geeky electronic gadget to be worn with a Brioni suit,) the cover also adds a millimeter or two to the timekeeper’s overall thickness.

Kisai Rogue LED/LCD Touch Pocket Watch

As you can gather from the pictures, the Kisai Rogue LED/LCD Touch Pocket Watch retained the interface of the original model.

Although looking overwhelmingly complicated at a first glance, the interface is still quite easy to read as long as you get used to it (or so the guys at TokyoFlash promise.) Well, to be frank, I don’t see any fundamental difficulties in learning the coded language of the piece, since it is as straightforward as a traffic sign.

The picture below shows you that the main interface of the watch is basically limited to just two pairs of rings, with each pair telling you current time in its own time zone (yes, it has the GMT function!)

The outer rings of each pair are divided by eleven blocks with the twelfth -the unlit- box depicting current hour and the inner ring displays only as many lit blocks as many minutes have passed since the beginning of current hour.

To make counting the minutes easier, each block of five dots is separated from another with a small, but noticeable gap. Again, as long as you will get used to the interface, you will read time as easily as on a normal watch with analogue display: it is that easy.

Kisai Rogue LED/LCD Touch Pocket Watch: how it works

According to the Japanese brand, the functions of the watch are operated via a touch screen that has four “hot” zones at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and allows you to operate the main functions of the watch (at the time of me writing this overview, there was a fairly long user manual trying to get you an idea how versatile the watch was, but now it seems to be gone, sorry.)

The bad thing is that the limited edition watch is priced at just $149, so, if it strikes a chord with you, you should move really quickly before the hordes of nerds didn’t wipe out the whole stock.

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Photos: TokyoFlash

Kisai Rogue LED/LCD Touch Pocket Watch watch specification

Price: $149
Movement: Electronic module with LCD touch-screen display; LED backlighting
Number of jewels: N/A
Movement frequency: N/A
Movement decoration: N/A
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, GMT (two time zones,) alarm, animation(can be turned off,) audio feedback (can be turned off)
Power reserve: Around a year if powered by CR2025 replaceable battery
Case material: Stainless steel
Bezel material: Matches case
Crown material: Matches case
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 46.80 mm
Case height: 13.20 mm
Lug width: N/A
Dial: LCD
Numerals: Pictograms
Hour markers: N/A
Hands: N/A
Water resistance: N/A
Strap: Stainless steel chain approx. 370 mm
Crystal: Mineral
Case back: Solid, logo stamped

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