Fashion watches

Dior Chiffre Rouge C03 Moonphase Automatic Fashion watches / Swiss Watches

Offering a completely outrageous blend of materials and textures, the new Dior Chiffre Rouge C03 (ref. ref. CD084C11A003) automatic wristwatch seems to be inspired by some extremely eclectic fashion collection. The polished gold of the indicators and hour markers (well, actually the elements are gold-plated), the slate gray of the dial and body create a watch that looks like an ultimate fashion accessory that may get you in trouble with your parents if they are of a more traditional kind. If only it wasn't so small!

Hermes Dressage L’Heure Masque Fashion watches / Swiss Watches

As usual for the French brand, the new Hermes Dressage L'Heure Masque automatic wrist watch offers a very compelling mixture of an innovative movement, fine design and a very good taste. Although some purists may still sneer at their timepieces, there is in fact very few 'fashion' watches that can rival its refinement and ingenuity of its design.

Ralph Lauren Sporting Classic Chronometer Fashion watches / Swiss Watches

Like almost all their recent models belonging to Sporting collection, the new Ralph Lauren Sporting Classic Chronometer features all the familiar design elements that some people would call "easily recognizable", while other would probably refer to as "tiresome". Well, at least the American fashion house has found a design language of its own and seems to be ready to stick to it at all costs.

Gustafsson & Sjogren GoS Midnight Sun Limited Edition Fashion watches

Created by bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren, the Swedish brand is known for timekeepers that, while not terribly advanced when it comes to mechanisms that tick inside their bodies, offer a rare combination of materials and excellent craftsmanship. Since all their watches are hand-finished, they are usually limited to just a handful of pieces. This new Gustafsson & Sjögren GoS Midnight Sun, for example, will be issued in a run of just five items!

American watches / Fashion watches

Coming in a scratch-resistant ceramic body and powered by a nice automatic movement made by the Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre exclusively for the American fashion house, the new Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph Ceramic (ref. RLR0236600) seems to offer a good value for money: an extremely rare quality for a watch produced by a fashion brand.

Saint Honore Trocadero Automatic Open Dial Fashion watches / Swiss Watches

Claimed to be inspired by the famous district in the center of Paris near the Eiffel Tower, the new Saint Honore Trocadero Automatic Open Dial (ref. 880020 1NRN) wristwatch is a nicely decorated, yet somewhat understated timekeeper that, while being powered by a completely unimpressive, mass-produced movement and featuring very limited functionality, still brings you an interesting, pleasant to look at design of its open-worked dial.

Bulgari Mediterranean Eden: Diamonds and Pearls Fashion watches / Ladies watch / Quartz watches

Like many other high-jewelry timepieces from Bvlgari (and lots of other serious fashion brands,) the new Bulgari Mediterranean Eden collection of watches was designed to be worn with bracelets, necklaces and earrings belonging to a collection of jewelry items with the same -rather playful- name. While not as outrageous as their recent Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coils model, the timepieces will surely get a healthy dose of attention to their owners.

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