Quartz watches

Breitling Cockpit B50 Aviator’s Chronograph Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

Brutal, yet well-proportioned, the new Breitling Cockpit B50 (ref. VB501022/BD41-155S) aviator's chronograph wristwatch (especially the variation in plain machine-brushed titanium) somehow reminds me USAF's F22 air superiority fighter jet: everything is on its place; everything is completely functional, yet extremely sexy. The only thing that makes the new B50 model different is the price. While still deliciously expensive, it won't make you sell your house to get one.

Seiko Prospex Solar Pilot Quartz Chronograph (Ref. SSC279) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

Although not as technologically advanced as the gorgeous Astron GPS Stratosphere that the Japanese brand has revealed back in February, the new Seiko Prospex Solar Quartz Chronograph (Ref. SSC279) is also about five times less expensive. Offered at MSRP of just $450 (and you can find one on eBay at less than USD $350), the watch looks quite cool for a daily beater, and its built-in solar charger makes the gadget a must-have for a person that spends more time outdoors than inside an air-conditioned office. Just don't forget to swap the brown leather strap for something more practical, like a solid steel bracelet or a hypoallergenic silicon band.

2014 Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

Unlike the much-awaited Apple iWatch (we will see it in a matter of hours), the 2014 Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph doesn't even try to destroy the competition. With its classic massive body, easy-to-grip unidirectional rotating bezel and traditional high-contrast dial, the new timepiece simply delivers in a single, relatively affordable package everything you ever wanted from a Breitling, but never were quite ready to pull the trigger on their more expensive models.

Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT Limited Edition Chronometer (Ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) British watches / Quartz watches

The new Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT limited edition wristwatch (ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) looks like it was inspired (and also heavily influenced) by chronographs that were selling back in 1960s and, perhaps, 1970s. Cheerful (and perhaps even playful), the watch features the signature exaggerated minute track designed to look like scales on a sports car's instrument panel, and extremely contrast color scheme for its busy dial, but is powered by a way more precise thermo-compensated quartz movement.

Breitling Emergency II SuperQuartz Chronometer Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

Visually, the new Breitling Emergency II life-saving wristwatch looks like an evolution of the 1995 model. Its timekeeping SuperQuartz module is, too, anything but new. However, you still want to upgrade your older timepiece for this one. The reason is, of course, the new ultra-compact two-band personal locator beacon, which is now fully compatible with current Cospas-Sarsat Program guidelines. While for most it won't make a lot of difference, real professionals will probably like this update.

Saint Honore Worldcode GMT Quartz Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

The new Saint Honore Worldcode GMT (ref. 868507 76NIR) makes an impression of a well-designed watch with every bit of its surface carefully thought over by real professionals. Its shape is traditional, but not generic. Its textures are brutal, but not crude. It is functional, but won't overwhelm you with unnecessary features. Its only drawback is the movement that powers it, but lots of people won't even notice it.

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