2014 Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

Unlike the much-awaited Apple iWatch (we will see it in a matter of hours), the 2014 Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph doesn't even try to destroy the competition. With its classic massive body, easy-to-grip unidirectional rotating bezel and traditional high-contrast dial, the new timepiece simply delivers in a single, relatively affordable package everything you ever wanted from a Breitling but never were quite ready to pull the trigger on their more expensive models. Powered by a COSC-certified version of a well-known quartz mechanism, the device won't stun you with the same level of craftsmanship as an automatic mechanism decorated by a skilled hand of an artisan but instead will offer you an almost unrivaled level of precision and dependability.

Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT Limited Edition Chronometer (Ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) British / Quartz

The limited edition 2014 Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT (ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) was inspired (and also heavily influenced) by chronographs that were selling back in the 1960s and, perhaps, 1970s. Cheerful (and even playful), it features the signature exaggerated minute track designed to look like gauges on a sports car's instrument panel, and a contrast color scheme for its busy dial, but is powered by a way more precise thermo-compensated quartz movement. Designed and manufactured by ETA, it surpasses any "normal" quartz caliber by an order of magnitude when it comes to the tiny amount of time it gains or loses during a whole year of operation.

Breitling Emergency II SuperQuartz Chronometer Quartz / Swiss

Unlike your normal quartz-powered luxury watch that rarely needs anything more than a refreshed dial and/or bezel to be called "a new model," the 2014 Breitling Emergency II SuperQuartz Chronometer offers a major upgrade to one of its key sub-systems that actually increase your chances of survival in case it all goes sideways and things get real for a change.

Breitling S3 ZeroG SuperQuartz Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

The limited edition Breitling S3 ZeroG SuperQuartz Chronograph was introduced to celebrate the partnership between the watchmaking brand and a young Swiss-based company S3 (Swiss Space Systems). The black-and-grey watch not only looks great for a luxury tactical timekeeper, but also serves as a boarding pass for those few wealthy customers around the world that are ready to pay a sizeable chunk of money for a pleasure of floating in zero gravity environment for just about 300 seconds more or less evenly spaced by 15 sections of 20 or even 25 seconds long.

Saint Honore Worldcode GMT Quartz Quartz / Swiss

The Saint Honore Worldcode GMT (ref. 868507 76NIR) makes an impression of a well-designed watch with every bit of its surface carefully thought over by real professionals. Its shape is traditional, but not generic. Its textures are brutal, but not crude. It is functional, but won't overwhelm you with unnecessary features. Its only drawback is the movement that powers it, but lots of people won't even notice it.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Quartz Quartz / Swiss

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar (ref. T091.420.46.051.01) packs the usual (at least, for the family) mix of functions into a lightweight titanium body that combines finely brushed surfaces with black PVD inserts. While the watch neither looks as rugged as a "real" training computer designed for hard-core athletes, nor sports as advanced functionality, it is still sturdy enough to be used as a daily beater by those who prefer an active lifestyle to countless hours spent on a sofa in front of a 55-inch TV set.

Saint Honore Euphoria One Carat For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Saint Honore -a French fashion brand that also deals in all sorts of luxury accessories including leather wallets, pens, and even cuff-links- is getting quite serious about its watchmaking (or rather "watch-selling") business. While the models that were introduced last year looked attractive and well-designed (especially if you compare them to the Saint Honore Haute Couture Haussman that the company has introduced back in late 2010: as luxurious as it was, it also left much to be desired in the good taste department), this new Saint Honore Euphoria One Carat (ref. 721048 1YDIN) model is plain gorgeous.

Chr. Ward C7 Italian Racing Red Chronometer Quartz / Swiss

Limited to just 500 numbered pieces, the Chr. Ward C7 Italian Racing Red Chronometer will try to replicate the success of the last year's C7IRR model that (as the British brand claims in their press release) was sold out in a matter of weeks. Priced well below $1000 mark and featuring a high-end Swiss quartz movement, the watch is almost destined to succeed.

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