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Breitling Aerospace Evo SuperQuartz Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

Today, when a last year's smartphone, which is not even considered a flagship anymore, sports more firepower than a top-of-the-line laptop PC from early 2000s, it is extremely difficult to impress someone with a simple electronic watch. There are devices that act your personal running coach and there are wrist computers that could guide you to a nearest landing field if your plane's engine suddenly breaks down. I am not even talking about latest "smart" watches that were designed to communicate with you phones that are now just too large to handle. So, how does the Swiss watchmaking brand plans to surprise us with its new Breitling Aerospace Evo (ref. E7936310/BC27-152E) wrist watch?

Seiko 30th Anniversary Speedmaster Chronograph JDM (Ref. SCED003) by Giorgetto Giugiaro Japanese watches / Quartz watches

This one is good news for numerous fans of the Alien franchise that are also into watch collecting business. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their partnership with the Italian industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro (this gentleman of many virtues is also responsible for such works of art as the iconic DeLorean DMC-12, BMW Nazca C2 and 1972 Maserati Merak), the watchmaking branch of the Japanese brand Seiko has introduced a limited edition Seiko 30th Anniversary Speedmaster Chronograph JDM (Ref. SCED003) that looks almost like a re-issue of the famous "Bishop watch" from 1986 Aliens blockbuster.

Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

It looks like the Swiss-based brand Saint Honore Paris, a French company that has a number of great models in its portfolio, but is still quite inconsistent when it comes to design, has finally found a contractor capable of making fine ceramic components for their fashion watches. Unlike Hermes, another French fashion house that has enough resources to get the best industrial designers and the best mechanical movements for their timekeepers, SHP is forced to move by really small increments towards their goal of becoming a great name in the industry. Still, they do make the progress and, around a month ago, the company has expanded its Opera line with a ceramic wristwatch designed for ladies, and now they introduce a sporty Saint Honore Worldcode Chronograph in Black Ceramic (ref. 890128 71CIN).

Versace Vanitas Quartz Collection Ladies watch / Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

The Italian fashion giant Gianni Versace S.p.A. has finally decided to expand their Vanitas collection (the one that was previously known to me only for its fairly expensive fragrances, but also happens to include handbags and other accessories) with a fashion watch. Designed for women and powered by an inexpensive Swiss quartz movement, which is identical to the mechanism that also happens to animate their 2010 Versace Reve Carre model, the new Versace Vanitas Quartz Collection (ref. VK773 0017) sports a very attractive design.

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