Saint Honore Worldcode Chronograph in Black Ceramic Quartz / Swiss

Saint Honore Paris, a French company that has a number of great models in its portfolio, but is still inconsistent when it comes to design, has finally found a contractor capable of making fine ceramic components for their fashion watches. Unlike Hermes, another French fashion house that has enough resources to get the best industrial designers and the best mechanical movements for their timekeepers, SHP is forced to move by smaller increments towards their goal of becoming a great name in the industry. Still, they do make the progress and, around a month ago, the company has expanded its Opera line with a ceramic wristwatch designed for ladies, and now they introduce a sporty Saint Honore Worldcode Chronograph in Black Ceramic (ref. 890128 71CIN).

Versace Vanitas Quartz Collection For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

The Italian fashion giant Gianni Versace S.p.A. has finally decided to expand their Vanitas collection (the one that was previously known to me only for its fairly expensive fragrances but also happens to include handbags and other accessories) with a fashion watch. Designed for women and powered by an inexpensive Swiss quartz movement, which is identical to the mechanism that also happens to animate their 2010 Versace Reve Carre model, the new Versace Vanitas Quartz Collection (ref. VK773 0017) sports an attractive design.

Concord Saratoga Lady White (Ref. SKU 0320214) For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

After a somewhat controversial Saratoga Alarm Chronograph (0320219) that was released about two months ago during the last Baselworld 2013 show, Concord has issued yet another quartz-powered timekeeper. The new Concord Saratoga Lady White (ref. SKU 0320214), too, pays homage to the legendary Saratoga Race Course, a thoroughbred horse racing track which is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, United States.

Wenger SeaForce Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

Wenger's SeaForce line of divers is popular among enthusiasts searching for a "Swiss Made" beater on a tight budget. Recently, it has received a comprehensive update with a new Wenger SeaForce Chronograph timekeeper. Still featuring the same basic styling, the refreshed model not only adds chronograph functionality but also looks a lot more modern than their older three-hander.

Bvlgari Catene in Rose Gold For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Bulgari is known for its extensive collection of snake-style "bracelet watches." Usually comprising no less than two "coils" that gently embrace a lady's petit wrist, the bracelets are crowned with a snakehead-shaped case that usually houses a compact quartz movement. This new Bvlgari Catene (refs. 102038 BBCP31WGGD1.2T/12 & 102052 BBCP31WGG.2T/12) ("catene" means "a chain" in Italian, if I understand it correctly), however, features a slightly less radical styling that may be especially appreciated by persons suffering from ophidiophobia: an irrational fear of snakes.

Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic 1/100 Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

Mostly known for its uninspiring design language, the company, which is associated with highly durable and versatile (and also expensive) Swiss Army knives, has finally produced an item worthy of a long second glance. Surprisingly, this new quartz-powered Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic 1/100 (refs. 241617 & 241619) chronograph features a skeletonized dial with a nice-looking guilloched plate covering its large date display.

Saint Honore Trocadero Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

Available both in glossy stainless steel (ref. 886020 1NRFN) and in dressier rose gold PVD (ref. 886020 8ARF) versions, any member of this new Saint Honore Trocadero Chronograph collection could be a timepiece of choice for a person searching for a classic-styled "Swiss made" chronograph on a (very) tight budget. And never mind the purists: after all, you are buying a watch for yourself, not for a bunch of snobs who believe that anything below an Omega or a Rolex is not even worth considering.

Ebel X-1 in Steel and Ceramic… and Diamonds (ref. 1216156) For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

The new version of the elegant Ebel X-1 (ref. 1216156) comes in the same glossy black ceramic body as previous iterations, but now features whole 71 diamonds adorning its bezel, the setting crown and, of course, the signature galvanic black dial. Almost twice as expensive as the version that is not decorated with precious stones, the new X1 is worth every extra penny that the Swiss-based brand asks for it.

Saint-Honore Trocadero Lady «Magic Flower» For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Inspired by their 2011 Coloseo Flower model, the Saint-Honore Trocadero Lady «Magic Flower» takes the idea on a completely new level by offering a degree of refinement that I never expected from the Swiss-based brand. I can only admire this beautiful timekeeper: even despite the fact that it is powered by an anonymous Swiss quartz movement (like many other "fashion-oriented" watchmaking brands, Saint-Honore doesn't bother about specifying names of the calibers that they use,) this new wristwatch doesn't look like yet another fashion accessory that will be forgotten by next Christmas.

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