Zodiac ZMX 03 chronograph watch: what’s the point exactly? Quartz watches

The former Swiss watchmaking brand Zodiac, which is currently owned by the American-based Fossil, has revealed another timepiece of dubious concept. The new Zodiac ZMX 03 chronograph watch delivers a puzzling combination of a deliberately oversized body with deceptively rugged look, which is not supported by neither increased water resistance, nor extra shock or magnetic protection. Also, for a fashion gadget powered by a mundane, throwaway-type quartz mechanism, the price tag that it wears seem unreasonably, even ridiculously high.

Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC  (ref. 3880) military-style watch Swiss Watches

The new Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC (ref. 3880) automatic watch looks like an ultimate military gadget: it is as simple, as it is highly legible, and it is as scratch-resistant as it is reliable. It could almost an ultimate accessory if not its price: charging whole four grands (okay, it's a "recommended" price, but still don't expect to find a watch below $3200 mark) for a watch that is powered by a mass-market automatic caliber seems a bit extreme to me. After all, for the money, you can find a good used Omega in mint condition equipped with a better caliber.

Ladies watch

The new Angular Momentum Illum Aqua Ladies sports timekeeper delivers a very rare combination of high legibility and an absolutely unique finish. While the greatest majority of brands tends to simply transpose successful designs to their own timepieces or, in the best scenario, blend a couple of different design approaches into something more or less distinctive, AM's owner seems to be never afraid of trying an unbeaten path every time he starts designing a new piece.

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