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Choosing a Diving Watch: A small buyer’s guide Buyer's Guide / Japanese watches / Swiss Watches

Summer is in full swing and people are flocking to the seaside to swim, and dive, and have fun. And some are still not sure what kind of diving watch should they choose before going underwater. In this small overview we at WorldWatchReview.com try to find an ideal 'real' diving wristwatch for our readers covering both the "affordable" and "premium" categories of mechanical divers.

Argonaut 1000 TQ diving instrument by CX Swiss Military Watch Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

CX Swiss Military Watch -a brand that some people mistake with Victorinox Swiss Army, but is not- has recently revealed its new Argonaut 1000 TQ diving watch. Combining a bold, testosterone-dripping exterior with an impressive water resistance rating, it is a bit too expensive for a watch powered by a rather average quartz movement (you will have to go for the Argonaut 1000 COSC if you want an automatic ETA 7750-based caliber, but that one is even more expensive.) Still, I have an impression that the watch will be not particularly hard to sell since it literally (well, actually it is 'figuratively') screams quality and sturdiness, and what else do you need from a professional-grade diving timekeeper?