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Alpina Comtesse Automatic For Ladies / Swiss

With its Comtesse (refs. AL-525APWD3CD3B and AL-525APW3CD6B) series,Alpina targets a wide array of customers, both in terms of exterior styling and price. While some may find this "one for everyone" concept too undiscriminating, the logic behind it is undeniable. After all, Alpina is here for the money and there seems to be nothing more cost-effective than offering a model that, as generic as it is, allows the brand to make so many nice variations without investing too much money designing the new collection.

Blancpain Saint Valentin 2014 (Ref. 6604-4654-55B) For Ladies / Swiss

Blancpain has a long tradition of offering limited editions of their models for St. Valentine's Day. The year 2014 is not an exception. Their automatic Blancpain Saint Valentin 2014 (Ref. 6604-4654-55B) is designed for ladies who have a good taste when it comes to luxury items and is based on their previous Saint-Valentin 2013 Limited Edition model. The difference here is that it features a more sober design to its dial and a bit more modest level of decoration for the stainless steel body and the automatic movement that powers it.

Ebel X-1 in Steel and Ceramic… and Diamonds (ref. 1216156) For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

The new version of the elegant Ebel X-1 (ref. 1216156) comes in the same glossy black ceramic body as previous iterations, but now features whole 71 diamonds adorning its bezel, the setting crown and, of course, the signature galvanic black dial. Almost twice as expensive as the version that is not decorated with precious stones, the new X1 is worth every extra penny that the Swiss-based brand asks for it.

Blancpain Saint-Valentin 2013 Limited Edition Swiss

It is still almost five weeks till the next St. Valentine's Day, yet the Swiss-based luxury watchmaker has already prepared a new, limited edition Blancpain Saint-Valentin 2013 (ref. 3400-4554-58b St Valentin). Executed in a relatively inexpensive stainless steel body, the watch features a nicely crafted dial, a number of beautifully executed ceramic elements, as well as an ultra-thin automatic movement.

Cartier Tank Folle Ladies Hand-Wound Timepiece For Ladies / Swiss

Unveiled during the Baselworld 2012 trade show, the hand-wound Cartier Tank Folle (ref. WJ306017) is a reincarnation of the (almost) legendary Cartier Crash from the late 1960s. Clearly influenced by Salvador Dali's "liquid" clocks, the original watch was a morbid homage to one of Cartier of London senior managers who died (actually, was incinerated alive) in a car crash. His wristwatch was deformed by fire to a degree of melting and some other member of staff happened to be crazy enough to take the destroyed timekeeper as a source of inspiration. Now, eat your heart out, Stephen King.

Omega Ladymatic DeVille with a Brown Dial (Ref. 425. For Ladies / Swiss

It took the Swiss watchmaker almost a year to present a refreshed version of its breathtaking (and I mean it) Ladymatic DeVille. Now sold as Omega Ladymatic DeVille ref. 425., the refreshed timekeeper offers an even more balanced mix of colors and textures with its perfectly executed dial, brushed and polished case, and an in-house self-winding movement of the high-grade sort that is woefully rare to find in timepieces designed for ladies.

Armand Nicolet LL9 Ladies Watch For Ladies / Swiss

Mostly known for their experiments with so called "new old stock" versions of historic mechanisms, the Swiss-based brand has recently presented a whole new collection of compact wristwatches designed for ladies. Called Armand Nicolet LL9, the new line is currently available in five variations featuring different combinations of materials, textures, and colors. Yet, it is the beautiful LL9 ref. 9653A-AN-P953BC8 that seems to feature the most balanced, aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Frederique Constant Amour Heart Beat Ladies Automatic For Ladies / Swiss

Next month the Swiss watchmaker will present its new Frederique Constant Amour Heart Beat line of automatic watches that were designed by the Chinese actress Shu Qi. If the name sounds familiar, it is alright: the young actress is known for her roles in Luc Besson's blockbuster 'The Transporter' and in the sequel to the horror movie 'The Eye.'

Piaget Altiplano 38 mm & 34mm with pavé dials For Ladies / Swiss

Fighting for the market share, the Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget has employed a new tactic. The brand has introduced a collection of watches that, while sporting the same exterior styling and being powered by the same movement, will differ in sizes and are going to be offered in pairs: a larger for Him and a smaller for Her. Or vice-versa: you never know these days. Now, prepare to meet the new hand-wound Piaget Altiplano 38 mm (ref. G0A36129) & 34 mm (ref. G0A36128) with full pavé dials!

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