Tag: 51 mm

Casio PRO TREK PRG-600 “Outdoor” World-Timer with Tough Solar Movement (ref. PRG-600-1ER) Japanese / Quartz

With its new Casio PRO TREK PRG-600 "outdoor" world-timer, the Japanese watchmaking giant delivers a stylish, surprisingly tastefully designed product. Primarily targeting people who lead an active lifestyle and do need a time measuring device that would do a good job during a hiking expedition, it will also look great with a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt in a safe co-working environment. Although inevitably having limitations of its own, the PRG-600-1ER gives you a great combination of good build quality, reasonable price and an almost overwhelming list of functions that would make an owner of a Swiss made analog/digital timekeeper literally drool. The only thing that spoils the fun is the "cased in Thailand" inscription on its machine-brushed back.

Nixon 51-30 Darth Vader Automatic Limited Edition American

The upcoming premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens blockbuster is just a couple of months away and the American watchmaker has already unveiled a number of Star Wars-themed timekeepers. There, if I understand correctly, will be sort of 'official' watches of the series. Besides the inevitable "Stormtrooper", and "Imperial Pilot" models, there is also a full-black Nixon 51-30 Darth Vader: a limited edition device that pays homage to the most iconic character of the series. And, yes: as you may have already noticed, all three models are dedicated to agents of the dark side of the Force. Ah, that irresistible attractiveness of Evil!

Breitling Emergency II SuperQuartz Chronometer Quartz / Swiss

Unlike your normal quartz-powered luxury watch that rarely need anything more than a refreshed dial and/or bezel to be called "a new model," the new Breitling Emergency II SuperQuartz Chronometer offers a major upgrade to one of its key sub-systems that actually increase you chances of survival in case it all goes sideways and things get real for a change.

Oris ProDiver 51mm Chronograph diving watch in Titanium Swiss

The new Oris ProDiver Chronograph (ref. 01 674 7630 7154-Set) watch is one of those intimidatingly large beasts that are supposed to be more than an luxury accessory for a successful person. Offered in a huge 51 mm x 22 mm stainless steel body and boasting a water resistance rating of whole 1000 meters (I frankly can't imagine a scenario where a $4600 USD professional diving watch can be used to its full potential when it comes to its ability to withstand pressure,) it's more than a mere diving tool; it's more than a banal self-defense weapon: This new member of the ProDiver family is a personal statement!