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Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer (ref. C01-43AWT2-S00W0-CC) British watches

The new Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer (the model with reference number C01-43AWT2-S00W0-CC with a "Camel" leather strap is reviewed here, but there are two more versions available with "Tan" and "Blue" leather bands,) is the young watchmaking brand's latest attempt to conquer the niche of dressy UTC watches. This time, the watch offers a better calculated combination of good qulity, great exterior, and a nice automatic movement that is equipped with a complication that is manufactured exclusively for Chr. Ward by its long-standing Swiss-based partner.

Concord C1 Chronograph Black & Gold (Ref. 0320227) Swiss Watches

The sporty Concord C1 Chronograph family was seriously refreshed earlier this year with styling of their dials more congruent with that of their prominent cases. Now, the Swiss watchmaker introduces yet another version of the sporty wristwatch. Combining mirror-polished 18-carat rose gold, glossy black ceramics, as well as PVD-treated, high-grade titanium alloy, Concord C1 Chronograph Black & Gold (Ref. 0320227) -the new version of the timekeeper- is similar to Porsche 911 GT3 in its versatility: just like the latter can be used both on a track and as a daily commuter, you can wear the latter both during office hours and in a night club.

Concord C1 BlackSpider LAB Series Tourbillon Swiss Watches

Officially unveiled last month during the Baselworld 2011 international trade show, the new Concord C1 BlackSpider LAB Series Tourbillon (ref. 0320143) hand-wound watch features a tourbillon escapement that is visible through the skeletonized, arachnid-shaped baseplate of its hand-made movement. While its exterior design may not look as outrageous as that of the iconic Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo, I can see why the young Swiss-based watchmaker seems to be so proud about their new creation: after all, creating a tourbillon basically from scratch requires a great deal of technical prowess to begin with, and it is a whole another level of professionalism when you start to churn out such complex mechanisms as hot pancakes.

Concord C1 Chronograph Amethyst (ref. 0320100) Swiss Watches

The Swiss brand has issued a "king of bling" member of its C1 Chronograph collection. Although being animated by an average self-winding caliber (some connoisseurs may find the choice of movement disappointing, but I would say that it is adequate since the mechanical part is not the main focus of the timepiece,) the new Concord C1 Chronograph Amethyst (ref. 0320100) automatic watch comes adorned with 217 amethysts totaling stunning (and quite taxing on your bank account) 13.8 carats.

Concord C1 Radar Chronometer Swiss Watches

In January 2011 the small Swiss watchmaker will start selling its new Concord C1 Radar automatic chronometer watch. As usual for their timepieces, the new version of the C1 model sports a deliberately rugged, in-your-face design that may be just right for sports stars and other people who can afford to buy an eccentric wristwatch every now and then, but have already grown tired of blingy timekeepers crafted from all available alloys of gold and -optionally- covered with hundreds of diamonds.

Concord C1 Biretrograde Swiss Watches

At the last Baselworld 2009 trade show that, as you may have already guessed, took place in the town of Basel, Switzerland, the American-run Swiss-based watchmaking company Concord Watches has revealed a number of new models from their C1 family of deliberately rugged timekeepers. Among others, the new collection included an absolutely outrageous QuantumGravity model, as well as some variations on their more practical C1 Chronograph family of watches. Predictably, they all looked good (or, at least, acceptable for someone who is into this kind of industrial design,) but it was the Concord C1 Biretrograde (ref. 0320045) that I personally liked the most.