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Casio G-Shock Rangeman (ref. GPR-B1000-1 / 1B) with Solar-Assisted GPS Navigation Japanese watches / Quartz watches

To some, the new Casio G-Shock Rangeman (ref. GPR-B1000-1 / 1B) line of adventure watches may look like a glorified steam engine trying to compete with sleek and glossy bullet trains. Still, offering solar-assisted GPS navigation, adequate (although not stunning) battery life, as well as a bunch of other usable (the watch won't bother you with incoming messages alarms, but will let you retrace your route step by step if you somehow get lost in a wilderness) functions, this gadget looks like a reliable backup for your standalone professional GPS tracker.

Archimede SportTaucher Kompass Automatic Diver German watches

The sporty Archimede SportTaucher automatic diving watch is now available with a new feature: a bidirectional rotating bezel graduated with a compass-style 360-degree scale. Although, unlike some electronic timekeepers, the new Archimede SportTaucher K (Kompass) doesn't have a real compass function, you can still use this little gadget to impress your girlfriend by finding north (or south). The only three things that you need to do achieve this are the watch, visible Sun, and a girlfriend.

Garmin D2 Pilot GPS Gadgets

Visually (and probably electronically) very similar to the last years Fenix Outdoor GPS watch, the new Garmin D2 Pilot elevates its functionality to new heights in order to serve all sorts of pilots. Yes, there is a great deal of planes equipped with state of the art navigational equipment, but if all else fails, you still need a wrist computer to rely on.

Tissot T-Race Touch Analog-Digital Chronograph Swiss Watches

For the latest Baselworld 2013 event that ended on Thursday, the Swiss entry-luxury brand Tissot has updated its range of analog-digital chronograph watches. Compared to earlier iterations of the model, this new Tissot T-Race Touch looks a lot more interesting and, well, even expensive. However, I am still not sure whether the actual production versions of the watch will look as good as the heavily photoshopped image on the promotional photo that you can see right after the jump.


Garmin, the American-based consumer and professional navigation specialist, a company which is incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland (the town is mostly known for being home for the luxury watch maker IWC), has just presented its new, ruggedized adventure wrist watch. Called Garmin Fenix, the new GPS-powered timekeeper features all the necessary gizmos that a hiker or a backpacker needs while travelling from point A to point B.

Casio ProTrek All-Analog PRX-7000T Japanese watches

Although the annual trade fair in Basel is usually associated with fine (and often impressively expensive) mechanical watches, there is always a number of lower-priced models made by Japanese watchmaking giants that, while not looking particularly dressy or refined, bring to your wrist cutting-edge technologies that turn a modest quartz timekeeper into a miniature computer. The new Casio ProTrek PRX-7000T all-analog watch is one of these.

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1, PAG240B-2 and PAG240T-7 models introduced Japanese watches

The Japanese watchmaking company has presented three more versions of their popular Casio G-Shock Pathfinder model range known for its rugged durability with functionality specifically designed for those spending their holidays not on a salty beach, but in forests and mountains. Available soon as refs. PAG240-1, PAG240B-2 and PAG240T-7, the three gadgets offer the same approach to exterior design that seems to be inspired by their highly successful G-Shock line, but are targeted at persons leading an even more active lifestyle.

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