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Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo Limited Edition Swiss

Based on their earlier Oktopus II Moon that was revealed at the Baselworld 2013 trade show, the hand-engraved Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo Limited Edition strongly reminds me of vintage pocket watches that often had their cases lavishly decorated with floral motifs, birds, dragons, and exotic animals. Limited to just 59 pieces, this particular timekeeper, however, takes the idea to the whole new level.

H2O Orca Dive Black DLC Automatic German

Although for many customers the German brand H2O is obscure and, perhaps, even unknown, the company still has a number of die-hard fans. The reason for such intense love is, of course, an almost infinite number of customization options that they offer with every model. This new H2O Orca Dive Black DLC Automatic, for example, is available with four bezel variations, three front crystals, seven colors for dials, four hands finishes, and at least three different straps. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Dievas Tactical Maya Diver 1888 M German

The German watchmaking specialist has recently expanded its "Tactical" collection of extreme divers with a new model. Dievas Tactical Maya offers all the usual stuff, like an oversized, ruggedized body, extra-bold hands and numerals, as well as impressive water resistance rating.

JeanRichard Aquascope BNY Mellon Boat Race Edition Swiss

The new JeanRichard Aquascope BNY Mellon Boat Race Edition automatic diver is designed to celebrate the next rowing competition between creme de la creme of British educational establishments. Guys from Oxford and Cambridge universities will face each other next April in order to once again test each other's skills and willpower.

Mk. II Fulcrum Automatic Diver American

Assembled in the United States, powered by a high-grade Swiss-made movement, and bearing a price tag close to $2000 USD, the new Mk. II Fulcrum automatic diver is a bit too expensive to my taste, but it still looks great. Also, I dig their decision to tweak its exterior design here and there in order to make the refreshed timekeeper ahem less similar to the original that the previous version paid homage to.

Vulcain Nautical DLC (Ref. 100152.024LDLC) Swiss

The company that makes watches for American presidents, has re-released its classic Nautical model. First released as a faithful recreation of the 1960s diver and then re-issued around two years ago in an almost the same shape (but with a different movement), this new Vulcain Nautical DLC (Ref. 100152.024LDLC) version gets more modern look with its mid-sized stainless steel body treated with scratch-resistant DLC coating. Still, it loses something in the process.

Dievas Vortex Tactical Diver in DLC Titanium German

The German brand Dievas, the one that uses its own cases with ETA movements ticking inside them, has refreshed its Dievas Vortex Professional 500M diver that was released two years ago with a new, even stealthier model. With all specs of the watch being virtually the same, the only thing that differs the new Dievas Vortex Tactical from the 2011 model is the new color of its dial and an even more scratch-resistant titanium body.

Oris Aquis Small Seconds DLC Automatic Diver Swiss

Okay, here we have yet another cool diver. The 2013 Oris Aquis Small Seconds DLC sports that masculine, easily recognizable design with the signature donut-shaped body, massive hour and minute hands, as well as the luminous hour markers that look kinda like flattened hollow point bullets.

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