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Ulysse Nardin Monaco YS Maxi Marine Diver Swiss

The Ulysse Nardin Monaco YS Maxi Marine offers you a cool combination of DLC treated stainless steel, black ceramic and, of course, 18-karat rose gold, which is not limited to only some elements of its grim dial, but also decorates its trademark bezel with the usual "waves" pattern and is even used for the number plaque placed at 9 o'clock on a side of the body. And, thanks to its official water resistance rating of 200 meters (20 bars), you can actually use it while diving!

Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC  (ref. 3880) military-style watch Swiss

The new Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC (ref. 3880) is an ultimate military gadget: it is as simple, as it is highly legible, and it is as scratch-resistant as it is reliable. It could almost an ultimate accessory if not its price: charging whole four grands (okay, it's a "recommended" price, but still don't expect to find a watch below $3200 mark) for a watch that is powered by a mass-market automatic caliber seems a bit extreme to me. After all, for the money, you can find a good used Omega in mint condition equipped with a better caliber.

Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed Black chronometer watch Swiss

The new Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed Black (Ref. 168459-3008) chronometer watch that was unveiled back in January seems to differ from the previous iteration only with the color of its case. However, while the original GT XL Chrono featured a rather common stainless steel body, this one was created using relatively new (well, at least it is new for the watchmaking industry) technology that allows the watch to maintain its finish for virtually whole lifespan of the device. User discretion is advised, but it the watch still uses one of the most durable coatings available at today's level of technology.

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