Historic Re-Issue: DOXA Sub 300 “Black Lung” Limited Edition Swiss

In 2017, Doxa has released several "anniversary" timekeepers that celebrate the brand's first semicentennial in the business of making professional diving tools. While the blackfaced Sharkhunter and the silver-faced Searambler attracted their fair share of attention from collectors and, um, more normal enthusiasts alike, it was the Sub 300 "Black Lung" Limited-Edition automatic diver that broke the brand's own sales record with the whole bunch being pre-ordered during the first 24 hours after registration officially commenced.


The heavy-duty Doxa SUB 4000T Professional line of diving watches has finally received a new rotating bezel that features a scratch-resistant sapphire insert. As the name implies, the watch is still rated for pretty much impressive 4000 feet of water resistance that can be roughly converted into 1220 meters of bone-crushing depth.

Doxa Splash Gent Quartz Diver (ref. 700.10R.061.20) Quartz / Swiss

The new Doxa Splash Gent (ref. 700.10R.061.20) quartz diving (or, being more honest, diving-styled) wristwatch will not surprise you with a highly-complicated movement or an extreme water resistance rating. However, in these tough times, this new timekeeper may well become a nice choice for a person who simply wants to get a cool, masculine-looking timekeeper that increases one's mojo by a magnitude of seven.

Doxa SUB 4000T Professional 10th Anniversary Diver Swiss

The Doxa has finally presented its limited-edition SUB 4000T Professional 10th Anniversary diving tool. Sporting a traditionally oversized, cushion-shaped stainless steel body, the 10th Anniversary edition offers you everything that a professional diver can expect from this kind of device: highly legible dial, an impressive water resistance rating and a highly dependable Swiss-made automatic movement that will last for years. All that comes at a pretty affordable price.

Doxa Chateau des Monts 120th Anniversary model Swiss

The new Doxa Chateau des Monts (ref. 620.10S.105.01) hand-wound wristwatch comes in a deliberately (perhaps, even in a slightly "calculated" way) exterior that is most commonly associated with vintage pocket watches that were produced in late-19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Although the watch is officially designated as a model celebrating the 120th anniversary of the brand, it is not exactly so. Here is why.

DOXA SUB 5000T Seaconqueror diving watch Swiss

The recently unveiled DOXA SUB 5000T Seaconqueror has been officially promoted to the flagship status. Featuring all the usual design traits from the reputable Swiss watchmaker, the device, which is offered in a deliberately aggressive-looking design with lots of protruding parts that may make you hurt somebody if not used with care, the device makes a very strong impression: it doesn't take an expert to see that with this model Doxa really means business. Designed to withstand water pressure of up to 5000 feet (approximately 1500 meters), the new range-topping Seaconqueror 5000T is limited to only 5000 examples.