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Citizen Military Eco-Drive BME Japanese watches

Released in a deliberately oversized body and available in three dial colors, the new Citizen Military Eco-Drive BME delivers all that you can expect from a "tactical" watch except, possibly, for a nice set of tritium gas tubes that would really make it look cool.

Citizen Eco-Drive Military Sub-Seconds (Ref. BV1085-22H) Swiss Watches

The new Citizen Eco-Drive Military Sub-Seconds (Ref. BV1085-22H) quartz wrist watch updates the well-known family of military-themed solar-powered timekeepers with a new, pilot-style dial. Although not looking terribly original, the new version of the watch is designed to win thousands of customers that look for a gadget that combines a slightly modernized look of a classic pilot's watch with a high-tech Eco-Drive movement.

Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive Diver (Ref. BN0100-51E) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

The Japanese brand Citizen has presented their new Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive (Ref. BN0100-51E) diving watch. Powered by their trademark Eco-Drive caliber (a quartz movement that recharges itself using solar radiation and -theoretically- doesn't need its battery changed during the whole lifetime of the mechanism), the watch is offered in a surprisingly discreet body and is rated for whole 200 meters of water resistance: more than enough for an average skindiver.

Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive 200M Solar-Powered Diver Japanese watches / Quartz watches

Summer is still far from over and the Japanese watchmaker Citizen has a nice model to offer the constantly growing crowd of budget conscious amateur divers. Their new Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive diving watch comes equipped with the "green" solar-powered quartz movement that runs for almost whole six months after being fully charged and its built-in battery never needs to be replaced. Claimed to work for as long as 20 years without losing its properties, the battery has a good chance of outliving the watch itself.

Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Perpetual Calendar Diving Watch Japanese watches

The recently introduced Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Perpetual Calendar diving watch (ref. BL1258-53L) has immediately sparked controversy among watch enthusiasts. The reason for the universal brouhaha was the decoration of the timekeeper's unidirectional rotating bezel that looks like it was blatantly ripped-off the well-known TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 diving watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave limited edition Japanese watches

If you think that Atomic Timekeeping is cool, think again! Keeping you watch up to date with half a dozen of old-school broadcasting stations is as XX century as a gasoline-powered Corvette compared to Tesla Roadster. Fighting inherent flaws of quartz mechanisms, which, like their older fully mechanical ancestors, can still be heavily affected by such external factors as temperature and sometimes even humidity, the Japanese watchmaker Citizen is going to start selling its beautiful Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave (ref. CC0005-06E) limited edition watch that captures the day, date and time signals directly from GPS navigation satellites!

Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive (ref. VO10-6832T) Japanese watches

Thinking about yet another Swiss or Germany made B-Uhr homage? The new Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is an inexpensive pilot's watch that sports a refreshingly cool dial layout and a high-grade Japanese Eco-Drive Cal. 8637 quartz movement. And its medium-sized stainless steel body, which is attached to the wrist with a black NATO strap, is treated with cool-looking black PVD coating.

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