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Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic (ref. H82305931) Swiss Watches

With this gorgeous Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic (ref. H82305931,) the Swiss-based watchmaker that mostly deals in relatively affordable timekeeping instruments not simply expands its line of diving companions. It finally offers a wristwatch that is not just "different" from the rest of the crowd, but -unlike their last year's Navy Frogman- can actually be worn by a casual person without attracting weird glances from persons who "just don't get it."

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Chronograph Limited Edition Swiss Watches

The well-known Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Chronograph collection (the one, which is listed on their web-site as a member of a larger Khaki Aviation family of military-themed watches) was recently updated with a limited edition version (including a version with black dial, pictured, ref. H77766331.) Well, being ahem limited to ahem just 1999 pieces, the watch will clearly never become a rarity (well, may be in fifty years or so), but I must admit that this little guy still looks nice. Featuring all the usual stuff, like a true chronograph movement and their famous drift angle calculator, the new watch differs from the rest of the pack with its new color combinations and a slightly reworked face.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Automatic Chronograph Swiss Watches

Look who has just got a sibling! The military-styled Hamilton Khaki Pilot (ref. H64715885) automatic watch that was first revealed back in early 2010 has just received a younger brother. Called Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Chronograph (ref. H646666735), the new automatic watch from the legendary brand nicely fits a bullet-proof ETA Valjoux 7753 movement into the same mid-sized body of a tactical timekeeper.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Patrol Automatic Swiss Watches

The new Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Patrol (refs. H76556331, H76556131, and H76566751) automatic wrist watch looks like an evolution of the stealthy Hamilton Khaki X-Mach Pilot watch that was presented almost exactly three years ago in February, 2009. The difference between the two? Well, preserving all the controls and being powered by virtually the same movement, the new version now lets you convert nautical miles into statute miles and back. And the watch has also become smaller.

Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer Swiss Watches

The American-based watchmaker has finally introduced a full-fledged flight computer into its product range. The multifunction Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer (ref. H64554431) quartz-powered pilot's watch was created together with Air Zematt, the Swiss helicopter transport and rescue service.

Ebel Classic Sport Chrono Khaki (ref. 1216048) Quartz watches / Swiss Watches

The Swiss watchmaker Ebel will soon add a whole new family of quartz-powered sporty chronograph watches flying different colors for their rubber bands. The first among them will be the new Ebel Classic Sport Chrono Khaki (ref. 1216048) wristwatch. Sporting bold exterior styling, but being powered by an average quartz caliber, the watch seems to be seriously overpriced, but that's not going to be a problem if you will manage to find one online with a good rebate.

Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC Automatic Swiss Watches

It is always a pleasure to see a second-tier brand going the hard way and turning a simple (and common) complication into a unique feature of the watch. The new Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC (refs. H77525553 & H77505433) automatic watch is the latest example of such an approach.

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