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Buyer’s Guide: 15 Best Pilot’s Watches to Choose From Buyer's Guide

Looking at our stats, I see that demand for recommendations regarding diving watches is a seasonal thing with most visitors coming in summer and then gradually declining till Christmas only to start growing again in early January. "Pilots" are different animals: I have an impression that people are always interested in "aviators" regardless of the time of season. So, for your reading pleasure, a choice of fifteen timekeepers from under $200 to more than $10,000 as priced by online retailers that I find worthy of being considered while shopping for your new (or maybe your very first!) pilot's watch this year.

Laco Squad 1000 Meter Automatic Diving Watch (Ref. 861704) German

The German brand LACO (aka Lacher & Co.: a watchmaking specialist that is mostly associated with pilot's and deck watches inspired by WWII-era historic models, but also has a number of modern "tool" wristwatches in its product range) has recently introduced its new Laco Squad 1000 meter (Ref. 861704) automatic diver.