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Archimede 1950’s Automatic German watches

The German brand has recently updated its collection of dressy three-handers with a nice Archimede 1950's automatic wristwatch that pays homage to timekeepers that were produced by the local watchmakers after the end of the Great War. Although the Japanese movement that powers the device doesn't look nearly as impressive as NOS hand-wound Junghans calibers that they, for example, used for their Pilot OR2 limited edition watch, it is robust and reliable, and looks like an adequate choice for the price.

Deep Blue Master Diver 1000 Automatic American watches

Available at MSRP of $499 -and currently offered on their official web-site at just $400- this new Deep Blue Master Diver 1000 automatic diving watch doesn't look particularly flashy. On the contrary, the new watch is deliberately dull, almost as dull as a wrench or a hammer can be. With every brushed surface, with every massive part it declares: Look at me! I am a professional instrument! I am a beater that you can take every place you go! Well, it looks like it tells the truth.

Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver American watches

The American brand keeps churning out new tool watches designed with professional divers in mind. Their new Deep Blue Master Explorer automatic diver is rated for whole 1000 meters, which makes it suitable for just about any submersion that you can accomplish without the use of heavy gear. It is especially nice to see that -while the great majority of professional-grade divers are usually issued in deliberately dull, rugged look- this new collection features a bunch of bright colors and can in fact be worn with more or less casual outfit: you don't really need heavy boots to match one of these oversized beauties.

Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000 Diver American watches

The American-based brand is getting ready to start selling its new Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000 automatic diving watch. As you have probably already guessed, it features an almost mind-numbing water resistance rating of 3000 meters! Tested for water resistance in compliance with ISO 6425 standard (it means that the watch must withstand the claimed water pressure of 300 ATM +25 percent more to qualify for the status of a "professional diving watch,") the 3KM looks like a real professional diving tool watch that even serious Swiss and Japanese brands could be proud of.