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Hublot Big Bang King All Black Blue (ref. 322.CI.1190.GR.ABB09) Automatic Diver Swiss

The limited-edition Hublot Big Bang King All Black Blue (ref. 322.CI.1190.GR.ABB09) is finally presented in a larger than life 48 mm black ceramic body. The new member of the family seems to partially overcome All Black series' main problem: total lack of legibility regardless of lighting conditions. Even if the new "blue on black" color scheme doesn't add much to the legibility in normal light, the watch will surely be a lot more readable in the dark or even underwater. Although I am seriously frightened that somewhere out there roams a maniac who is ready to take this expensive dark beauty for a swim in salty, aggressive water.

Omega Seamaster Diver Vancouver 2010 Swiss

Being an official time-keeper of the Olympic Games anno 1932, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand just can't waste such a good excuse to introduce yet another special edition diving watch. Although I literally hear the creepy sound of raising eyebrows right this moment, I still feel obliged to tell you about this limited edition timekeeper and offer you to meet the new Omega Seamaster Diver Vancouver 2010 automatic diving companion!

Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport quartz watch presented Quartz

Based in a Jura mountain village of Charquemont commune in Eastern France, Michel Herbelin watchmaking company sits so close to the Swiss border it just can't stop producing finest quartz watches in the world. Well, excluding Switzerland, of course. Meet the new Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport family of watches that are going to bring some rugged elegance into your life.

Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 mechanical depth meter diving watch Swiss

The new Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 mechanical depth meter is one of those diving watches any watchmaker can be proud of. Although it clearly won't become such an omnipresent luxury accessory as Rolex Submariner, the device still deserves some attention of true connoisseurs thanks to its built-in mechanical pressure gauge, which is not only easy to read, but is also quite interesting from the point of view of industrial design.

Oris Divers GMT Date Automatic Diving Companion Swiss

Oris has presented yet another member of its growing collection of diving watches. Delivered in a mildly oversized stainless steel case, the new Oris Divers GMT Date automatic diving watch is available both on trendy rubber strap (ref. 01 668 7639 8454-07 4 24 34EB) and a more practical solid steel bracelet (ref. 01 668 7639 8454-07 8 24 01PEB) that features security folding clasp with wetsuit extension.

Blancpain Speed Command Chronograph watch Swiss

Here comes the big one. With its 45mm Blancpain Speed Command Chronograph (ref. 5785F-11D03-63), the Swiss watchmaker has introduced its sportiest model so far. Although the basic design of the timekeeper defies the recent trend of making rugged-looking devices (inspired by real tools, they often come with lots of angles, lots of machine-brushed surfaces and feature deliberately rudimentary, even crude look to their components), the new Speed Command makes a strong impression thanks to its glossy black sapphire bezel and scratch-resistant body of the same color.

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