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Breitling for Bentley GT3 (ref. V273655S/BE14/233S/V20DSA.2) Swiss

Based on one of their earlier Supersports models, Breitling for Bentley GT3 (ref. V273655S/BE14/233S/V20DSA.2) delivers the traditional mix of daring exterior styling and a fairly impressive price tag. The only thing that it lacks is an in-house caliber, but for those not really interested about the model's guts and more concerned about looks and brand value its modified ETA movement may even be a better choice.

Breitling for Bentley GMT Light Body B04 Chronometer Swiss

With its massive body looking like it was machined out of a 22-inch light-alloy disk, the new Breitling for Bentley GMT Light Body B04 will surprise you with its lightness and superb ergonomics. However, if a Bentley Continental GT is not the "other" car you use for going shopping at the time when your Mulsanne is at the dealership for scheduled maintenance, this new watch may be a bit too expensive for the combination of features and materials that it features.

Breitling for Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon Limited Edition Swiss

The limited edition Breitling for Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon was introduced on March 5, 2014. Created in partnership with the German-owned, British-based maker of ultra-luxury cars, the monstrous timepiece features all the usual design elements of the family and, as usual, comes in a fairly small lot of 1000 individually numbered pieces. Like a number of their recent offerings, it is offered in a sexy black (or very dark grey) finish that, unlike models treated with PVD coating process, will not show minor dents and scratches.

Garmin D2 Pilot GPS Gadgets

Visually (and probably electronically) similar to the last years Fenix Outdoor GPS, the new Garmin D2 Pilot elevates its functionality to new heights in order to serve all sorts of pilots. Yes, there is plenty of planes equipped with state of the art navigational equipment, but if all else fails, you still need a wrist computer to rely on.

Oris Hirondelle Diver 1000M Limited Edition Swiss

Sharing its lightweight titanium body with the 2012 Oris ProDiver Kittiwake Limited Edition 1000M, the new Oris Hirondelle Diver not only comes in a lot more appealing black-and-grey color scheme but also features a complication that may come handy if you already have a collection of timekeepers and don't plan to wear this dark beauty on a daily basis. I, of course, am talking about the power reserve display.

Breitling for Bentley B05 Unitime Chronograph Swiss

The Swiss-based brand wants to spread the relatively new Unitime complication across its whole product range. Besides the gorgeous Transocean "aviator," the 24-cities display has also been recently added to their elite Breitling for Bentley line. Called (rather predictably) Breitling for Bentley B05 Unitime Chronograph, the new model is powered by the same in-house caliber as both Transocean models but comes in a deliberately oversized body that literally dwarfs a normal "sporty" chronograph with its gargantuan proportions.

Tissot SeaStar 1000 Chronograph Valjoux Limited Edition Diver Swiss

Look who's just made a nice move! The Swiss-based Tissot, the brand, which is mostly known for its relatively affordable timepieces for the younger generation, has released a limited edition version of its last year's Seastar 1000 automatic chronograph. The problem for their faithful followers is that, powered by the legendary ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, the new Tissot SeaStar 1000 Chronograph Valjoux Limited Edition (ref. T0664141705700) is not only way cooler than a normal Seastar with a simple ETA mechanism that has a chronograph module simply slapped atop of it, but is almost twice as expensive.

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