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Archimede Arcadia Chronograph German

The new Archimede Arcadia Chronograph watch is a nice addition to the line of dressy timepieces from the German watchmaker. Offering a nicely proportioned, slightly oversized stainless steel body and a choice of colors ofr its Portuguese-style dial, the timekeeper seems to be reasonably priced for a German-made watch powered by an "Elabore"-grade Swiss movement.

Archimede Pilot S 36mm Automatic Swiss

The German watch-making brand Archimede, a privately owned company that primarily specializes in making homages to "historic" pilot's watches of WWII-era, has finally issued a version of their signature "aviator" series of automatic and hand-wound watches in a unisex case. Till now, offered only in three sizes -starting from "mere" 39 mm for the most compact Archimede Pilot M, 42 mm for the mid-size Pilot, and going all the way up to almost gigantic 45 mm for the Pilot XL- the gadget is finally available as Archimede Pilot S (ref. UA4919-A1.5D) that is coming in tiny 36 millimeter body that is suitable both for women and men of smaller stature.

Archimede Pilot T Titanium watch: do you feel lighter now? German

Crafted from high-grade titanium alloy, the new Archimede Pilot T tries to solve the usual problem of an oversized timekeeper: excessive weight that sometimes makes wearing a "sporty" wristwatch an ordeal if it spends on your wrist more than the usual ten or twelve hours. Tipping the scales at just 65 grams (approximately 11 grams or about 17 percent less than its stainless steel sibling from the same collection,) this laconic "pilot" seems to be a lot more comfortable to wear while not putting an unbearable burden on your wallet.

Archimede Black Pilot M and Chronograph PVD watches pays homage to Luftwaffe? German

The German watch maker Ickler GmbH (which is better known for its more expensive Limes brand) has introduced a pair of new members to its Archimede Black Pilot series. Offering the same deliberately anonymous design as dozens of other affordable wristwatches out there that are styled after the iconic B-Uhr timekeepers immortalized by the German Luftwaffe (compare them, for example, to Steinhart Nav B-Uhr collection and it would be hard to tell the difference,) this watch attempts to win your attention combining three main factors: great Swiss Made self-winding caliber, unrivaled customization ability, and, of course, the matte-black coating that makes the watch as stealthy as a night bomber and as durable as a gun.

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