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Certina Chronographe DS-8 Phase de Lune Quartz Quartz / Swiss

Officially presented during the Baselworld 2015, the Certina Chronographe DS-8 Phase de Lune is a perfect example of a dressy "complication" watch that somehow manages to combine into a single package an almost stunning exterior, a reliable quartz chronograph movement that, for all things practical, blows out of the water almost all advanced electric mechanisms currently available on the market, while spicing all up with a very affordable price. What more do you expect? A free Porsche?

Certina DS Podium Shape Quartz / Swiss

Presented in a compact, cushion-shaped body, the 2013 Certina DS Podium Shape (ref. C025.510.16.033.00) is an affordable unisex watch that looks surprisingly refined for a timekeeper that is offered at a price well below the $1000 mark.

2012 in Review: Top 12 Watches of the Year! Japanese / Swiss

The year 2012 wasn't exactly rewarding for the better part of the population. Greece didn't default, Doomsday didn't happen and Valve yet again failed to deliver HL:3. However, there were certain bright spots, too: Spain emerged victorious in the 2012 UEFA Euro cup and the European politicians somehow managed to prevent collapse of the single currency. The watchmakers from Europe and Japan, too, managed to introduce a number of great watches, although there was nothing truly revolutionary neither in terms of design, nor technical characteristics (here I am talking about mass-produced models, not some ultra-expensive one-offs).

Certina DS1 “Double Security” Automatic Swiss

Even though Certina DS1 "Double Security" (ref. C006.407.16.088.00) offers a pretty generic design, it is a nice entry-level model for those high-school graduates still dreaming about their first dress watch with the legendary "Swiss Made" inscription on the dial, which is said to be adding at least +10 to mating abilities and +25 to personal charisma.

Certina DS Podium Ole Einar Bjorndalen GMT Quartz Chronograph Quartz / Swiss

Certina has recently presented a limited edition version of its fairly fresh DS Podium collection. Called Certina DS Podium Ole Einar Bjorndalen GMT Chronograph (ref. C001.639.21.057.10), the new quartz-powered timekeeper honors "the outstanding achievements and career" of Ole Einar Bjorndalen, a Norwegian professional biathlete who, according to Wikipedia (not the best source, I know,) won his first title in 1992 at the junior world championships.

Certina DS Multi-8 GMT Analogue/Digital Quartz / Swiss

At Baselworld 2011, Certina has presented its new quartz-powered DS Multi-8 (ref. C020.419.16.057.00) model. Featuring trendy digital/analog time representation that is loved not only by millions of fans of Japanese brands but also by those who prefer more solid products like, say, Omega and Breitling, the Multi-8 GMT gives you an impressive list of functions, all wrapped in an elegant package of a dress watch.

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