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Argonaut 1000 TQ diving instrument by CX Swiss Military Watch Quartz / Swiss

CX Swiss Military Watch -a brand that some people mistake with Victorinox Swiss Army, but is not- has recently revealed its new Argonaut 1000 TQ diving watch. Combining a bold, testosterone-dripping exterior with an impressive water resistance rating, it is a bit too expensive for a watch powered by a rather average quartz movement (you will have to go for the Argonaut 1000 COSC if you want an automatic ETA 7750-based caliber, but that one is even more expensive.) Still, I have an impression that the watch will be not particularly hard to sell since it literally (well, actually it is 'figuratively') screams quality and sturdiness, and what else do you need from a professional-grade diving timekeeper?

For Ladies

The new Angular Momentum Illum Aqua Ladies delivers a rare combination of high legibility and an absolutely unique finish. While the greatest majority of brands tends to simply transpose successful designs to their own timepieces or, in the best scenario, blend a couple of different design approaches into something more or less distinctive, AM's owner seems to be never afraid of trying an unbeaten path every time he starts designing a new piece.

Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport quartz watch presented Quartz

Based in a Jura mountain village of Charquemont commune in Eastern France, Michel Herbelin watchmaking company sits so close to the Swiss border it just can't stop producing finest quartz watches in the world. Well, excluding Switzerland, of course. Meet the new Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport family of watches that are going to bring some rugged elegance into your life.

Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 mechanical depth meter diving watch Swiss

The new Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 mechanical depth meter is one of those diving watches any watchmaker can be proud of. Although it clearly won't become such an omnipresent luxury accessory as Rolex Submariner, the device still deserves some attention of true connoisseurs thanks to its built-in mechanical pressure gauge, which is not only easy to read, but is also quite interesting from the point of view of industrial design.

Oris Divers GMT Date Automatic Diving Companion Swiss

Oris has presented yet another member of its growing collection of diving watches. Delivered in a mildly oversized stainless steel case, the new Oris Divers GMT Date automatic diving watch is available both on trendy rubber strap (ref. 01 668 7639 8454-07 4 24 34EB) and a more practical solid steel bracelet (ref. 01 668 7639 8454-07 8 24 01PEB) that features security folding clasp with wetsuit extension.

DOXA SUB 5000T Seaconqueror diving watch Swiss

The recently unveiled DOXA SUB 5000T Seaconqueror has been officially promoted to the flagship status. Featuring all the usual design traits from the reputable Swiss watchmaker, the device, which is offered in a deliberately aggressive-looking design with lots of protruding parts that may make you hurt somebody if not used with care, the device makes a very strong impression: it doesn't take an expert to see that with this model Doxa really means business. Designed to withstand water pressure of up to 5000 feet (approximately 1500 meters), the new range-topping Seaconqueror 5000T is limited to only 5000 examples.

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