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Edox HydroSub North Pole Limited Edition Swiss

Presented in 2014, the Edox HydroSub North Pole (ref. 80201 3BUO BU) celebrates the 40th anniversary of the original Hydro Sub. With its total run limited to just 350 pieces, the model was chosen as an official timekeeper of an expedition to the geographic North Pole in February 2015. Not only at least two timepieces out of 350 will see one of the coldest places on Earth, but one of them will also be used by champion free diver Christian Redl of Germany during a world's first attempt at a free dive under the ice cap.

Edox Geoscope GMT Automatic Swiss

Whole 46 millimeters in diameter, the Edox Geoscope GMT (ref. 07002 3 C1) is designed with heroically proportioned people in mind. On the other hand (no pun intended), the timekeeper doesn't make an impression of a watch whose single purpose is to look big. In fact, its massiveness stems from its function: there is a dial that needs to be large to ensure adequate legibility and so there is a large case to house it. That's probably the main reason why it doesn't look stupid: its form follows function.

Edox Chronodakar Chronograph Limited Edition (ref. 10305 37N1 NRO) Quartz / Swiss

Being an official sponsor of the international Dakar rally, Edox never misses the opportunity to introduce limited editions that bear the event's logo. Last year, they offered 500 pieces of the sporty Edox Dakar Limited Edition Quartz three-hander and now they are prepared to start selling their new Edox Chronodakar Chronograph (ref. 10305 37N1 NRO) that, too, is offered as a strictly limited edition model.

Edox Grand Ocean Calibre 27000 Ladies For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Edox has recently started selling its "sporty" quartz-powered Grand Ocean Calibre 27000 (ref. 357JN NID), which is equipped with the thinnest in its class calendar movement. The most interesting thing about this new mechanism is that Edox claims to have developed it using its own resources.

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