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Tissot Heritage 1936 Hand-Wound (ref. T104.405.16.012.00) Swiss

During the last three or four years, Tissot has introduced a number of great classic-styled timekeepers in their Heritage line. Among others, the collection included an absolutely stunning 2013 Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary that still stays in production. For this year, the entry-luxury brand adds an even more impressive (although deceptively simple) hand-wound Tissot Heritage 1936 (ref. T104.405.16.012.00). Staying true to the collection's concept, the model combines deliciously vintage appearance with a time-proven hand-wound caliber and more than attractive price. What else would you want for Christmas?

Eberhard & Co. Traversetolo Ambri Piotta (Ref. 21016) Swiss

The Eberhard & Co. Traversetolo Ambri Piotta (Ref. 21016) is a classic hand-wound three-hander that features a surprisingly easy to read dial and is powered by the legendary Unitas 6498 caliber. Initially designed for pocket watches, the huge mechanism looks perfectly at home in this mildly oversized timepiece.

Gustafsson & Sjogren GoS Midnight Sun Limited Edition Fashion

Created by bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren, the Swedish brand is known for timekeepers that, while not terribly advanced when it comes to mechanisms that tick inside their bodies offer a rare combination of materials and excellent craftsmanship. Since all their watches are hand-finished, they are usually limited to just a handful of pieces. This new Gustafsson & Sjögren GoS Midnight Sun, for example, will be issued in a run of just five items!

Chr. Ward C8 Regulator Pilot British

Christopher Ward, a brand that offers watches that are not only well designed but are also affordable and reliable (a rare mix in this segment), has finally started taking pre-orders for its new Chr. Ward C8 Regulator that was first announced back in June as "C800" model. Featuring an aviator-style design similar to their recently announced Chr. Ward Typhoon chronograph, the watch offers an extremely legible and surprisingly well-balanced dial layout.

Archimede Deck Watch R (Ref. UA7952) German

For this year, the German watchmaker has presented a revised version of its last year's "deck" watch, which is now aptly named Archimede Deck Watch R. Initially introduced early last year as a prototype, the original Archimede Deck watch was clearly inspired by the famous (at least, among serious collectors) Stowa Kriegsmarine maritime chronometer that was used by the German Navy during the World War II.

Epos 3403 OH Collection Passion Swiss

The 2011 Epos 3403 OH Collection Passion (ref. 3403. is not just another pretentious timekeeper that tries to sell you the old ETA/Unitas 6498-2 hand-wound movement wrapped in anything more impressive than a standard mildly oversized case and an open-heart dial. As deliberately eclectic as it is, the new device is an interesting combination of a semi-skeletonized movement with some nice engraving on its bridges visible only through the sapphire back with a daringly modern dial on the front.

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