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Frederique Constant Peking to Paris Automatic Limited Edition (ref. FC-303WBRP5B6) Swiss

The new limited edition Frederique Constant Peking to Paris (ref. FC-303WBRP5B6) may not be revolutionary or groundbreaking in any meaning of the words, but it still looks like a really interesting (albeit a tad overpriced) timekeeper for a person interested in a nice three-hander with a tad of sportiness to it. While the "limited edition" part may be a bit gimmicky (in a sense that you can't seriously expect a watch limited to almost 2900 pieces to become rarity in any foreseeable future,) all the rest about this watch is absolutely legit: it is an expertly designed, solidly built piece that is powered by a robust mechanism.

Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Chronograph (refs. FC-397HS5B6 & FC-397HDG5B4) Swiss

The new Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey automatic chronograph makes an impression of a well-designed accessory. While I wouldn't call it 'revolutionary' or 'groundbreaking', it successfully combines standard elements of design into a very attractive time measuring device. Oh, some purists would probably wince a little at the way they use gold-plating to make a stainless steel body look dressier, but I find nothing wrong with it: for those on a tight budget, a gold-plated watch is an excellent choice.

Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Ladies (ref. FC-703VD3SD4) For Ladies / Swiss

The new Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Ladies (ref. FC-703VD3SD4) is one of the finest timekeepers introduced so far by the brand. It is also one of those (still few) models of the Swiss watchmaker that is powered not by a slightly redecorated version of a run-off-the-mill blank movement made either by ETA or Sellita, but by a new caliber that was developed and built by Frederique Constant on their own production facilities. That says something, right?

Frederique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic Limited Edition (Refs. FC-393RM5B4 and FC-393RM5B6) Swiss

Available in two versions, each of them limited to 2888 pieces, the new collection of Frederique Constant Runabout automatic chronographs (Refs. FC-393RM5B4 and FC-393RM5B6) is an example of a good industrial design with its large, clean dial both easily readable and pleasant to look at. Although its functionality (more on that later, you are going to raise at least one eyebrow) is somewhat limited compared to the previous Runabout Chrono, this model still makes a very strong impression.

Frederique Constant Moon Timer Automatic Swiss

The new Frederique Constant Moon Timer (ref. FC-330B6B6) automatic wrist watch comes equipped with the same automatic movement as their rectangular-shaped Carree Moonphase Date model, but is presented in a sportier, medium-sized body that reminds us about pocket watch-based models from the 1930s and perfectly matches its irresistibly vintage-styled dial layout. Curiously, the new timekeeper seems to be more in line with the Heritage (Ref. AL-435B4SH6) model range that was recently updated by their sister brand Alpina.

Frederique Constant Junior Ladies Quartz Watches For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

With its new Frederique Constant Junior Ladies (refs. FC-200M1ER6B, FC-200WA1ER6B and FC-200WHD1ER6B) collection the Swiss watch brand offers a "jump-start kit" for the parents that want to make a nice birthday gift or a back to school present for their teenage kid, but are not yet ready to buy her a really expensive Swiss Made timepiece powered by a mechanical movement.

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