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Like the, um, sporty Sporting Chronograph Ceramic that the American fashion house has presented back in October 2012, the new automatic Ralph Lauren Sporting World Tim (refs. RLR0210700 & RLR0210000)e comes in a noticeably oversized body, but has the sexy black ceramic swapped for a less expensive, but very imposing, satin-brushed stainless steel. The list of functions, as the name of the piece clearly states, has also been edited in favor of a nicely done GMT display.

American / Fashion

Coming in a scratch-resistant ceramic body and powered by a nice automatic movement made by Jaeger-LeCoultre exclusively for the American fashion house, the new Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph Ceramic (ref. RLR0236600) offers a good value for money: an extremely rare quality for a trinket produced by a fashion brand.

Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Square Ladies Watch Fashion / For Ladies

The American fashion brand that was established by an immigrant of Belarusian origin has just presented their new hand-wound Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Square designed for ladies. Offered in an ultra-thin case that is currently available not only in flashy 18-karat rose gold, but also in a lot more inconspicuous white gold alloy, the new timekeeper is deceptively simple and absolutely fabulous.

Ralph Lauren Sporting American / Fashion

The U.S.-based fashion brand Ralph Lauren is serious about its attempt to expand its reach beyond expensive clothing and luxury accessories and to become a real watchmaking specialist even though they still can't afford to make their own movements. At the SIHH 2011 trade show, the fashion house has presented its vintage-styled (or, rather, vintage-inspired) Sporting Collection. Featuring a hand-wound "pocket watch" caliber from IWC, it is offered in a deliberately oversized case that serves as a (pretty massive, I must note) steel frame for the "historic", speedometer-styled dial.