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Raymond Weil Nabucco Gibson Limited Edition Chronograph Swiss

While, at a recommended street price of approximately $5300, I have an impression that a normal guitarist would rather get him- or herself a vintage Gibson SG from the 1960s in a mint condition, there is still a good chance that the whole bunch of 200 pieces of the new Raymond Weil Nabucco Gibson Limited Edition chronographs will be sold quite quickly: guitarists have moms, dads, and spouses and this sort of people love to spoil their loved ones with nice gadgets. And this is a nice gadget indeed.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Lady Urban Black (Ref. 2750-BK1-05208) For Ladies / Swiss

Despite its flashy look, this automatic Raymond Weil Freelancer Lady Urban Black (Ref. 2750-BK1-05208) belongs to that extremely boring (and also extremely large) class of fashion accessories that can only get attention at times like this: when the constant flow of new releases almost dries out and when there are almost no interesting objects fighting for our attention.

Raymond Weil Lady Maestro Open Heart Automatic For Ladies / Swiss

The good old Raymond Weil Lady Maestro line has fairly recently been updated with a new open-heart version. Finally available in different colors (including absolutely gorgeous one on a lime-green strap with reference number 2827-L5-00966) and growing noticeably in size, the updated timekeeper still features the easily recognizable design cues on its dial, including the clever use of guilloching and diamond-setting techniques.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Urban Black Automatic (Ref. 7730 BK 05207) Swiss

Well, it has finally happened. RW's Freelancer line has, at last, received a trendy chronograph model that comes in a matt black stainless steel body that was subjected to PVD treatment. While retaining the basic dimensions and preserving the dial layout of its sister models, the new Raymond Weil Freelancer Urban Black (Ref. 7730 BK 05207) looks different from the rest of the gang thanks to its moody, even military-style appearance.

Raymond Weil Day-Date Automatic (Ref. 2965 SG5 00658) Swiss

The Swiss brand plans to present their new Raymond Weil Parsifal Day-Date (ref. 2965 SG5 00658) in a month or so at Baselworld 2011 show. It leaves a bit strange impression. While all elements of the timekeeper were delicately touched here and there to avoid copyright claims, it is still clear (well, clear to yours truly, that is) that its source of inspiration was one of the well-known models sold by Rolex. Will Raymond Weil get away with this? Only time will tell.

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