Arnold & Son DBS Double Balance & Sidereal Time (Ref. 1DSAP.W01A.C120P) British / Swiss

Although, at a first glance, the new Arnold & Son DBS (Ref. 1DSAP.W01A.C120P) hand-wound watch looks like it was inspired by the ultra-expensive Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre family, it is, in fact, a tribute to a pair of much older timekeepers that were made by John-Roger Arnold between 1796 and 1799 respectively. Both watches were able to display mean solar and sidereal time on two separate sub-dials and featured an ingenuous bimetallic thermo-compensated Z balance.

Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional 600M Diver (Ref. 2CDAV-B02A) British / Swiss

It looks, just like it is with their new Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional diver, the British-based brand has finally found a good use for its (in)famous trigger-style chronograph push-piece. Capable of starting, stopping and resetting the chronograph even deep underwater, the trigger looks like an ideal choice for a watch, which is supposed to be operated by gloved hands. I mean, just imagine how comfortable it could be to operate the time measuring complication in situations where you just don't have time to feel a small, traditionally shaped pusher whether it is located somewhere on the piece's back or even on the winding crown itself!

Chr. Ward Makaira Pro 500 Automatic Diver (Ref. C11-MAK-SKWSI) British

Mostly known for their "tributes" to more expensive, legendary (or, in other words, class-defining) models like different iterations of Rolex Submariner, the iconic IWC Portuguese and the likes, the British-based brand, however, sometimes offers a lot more original watches of their own design. The new Chr. Ward Makaira Pro 500 (Ref. C11-MAK-SKWSI) diver belongs to the latter breed of timekeepers that an enthusiast can easily wear without losing the tiniest bit of their self-respect.

Graham Silverstone Stowe Racing Mexico Limited Edition 100 Automatic Chronograph (Ref. 2BLDC.B27A) British

Watchmaking brands all over the civilized world (especially those that have a sporty model or two in their vast product ranges) LOVE to be associated with the high-revving world of motorsports in general and the guys that tend to win a lot of races in particular. The British watchmaker Graham is absolutely no exception here. That's why they dedicated their new Graham Silverstone Stowe Racing Mexico Limited Edition 100 to Mr. Mario Dominguez, a Mexican racing driver that, according to Wikipedia, had competed in the CART and CCWS Champ Car series and even had his podium in the famous IndyCar Series back in 2008.

Arnold & Son Hornet World Time Skeleton Automatic in Steel British

For the year 2012, the British watchmaking house has prepared yet another version of their outrageous Hornet collection of "world timers." The 2012 Arnold & Son Hornet World Time Skeleton features the same impressive body of gargantuan proportions, which is now crafted from stainless steel and features an open-worked dial that makes quite a dubious impression.

Arnold & Son True Beat 88 (Ref. 1TBAP.B01A.C113A) British

The British watchmakers Arnold & Son have just released a new, interesting timepiece that sports a complication you will rarely see in timekeepers from major watch manufacturers. As one can gather from its name, the sporty hand-wound Arnold & Son True Beat 88 (Ref. 1TBAP.B01A.C113A) features a "dead beat" small seconds hand that makes precisely 60 jumps per minute.


With its new made-to-order Dent Denison limited edition the young British brand tries to get its toe into the market of premium, ultra-exclusive mechanical timepieces, that is currently dominated by the Swiss-based maisons.

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