Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer (ref. C01-43AWT2-S00W0-CC) British

The 2018 Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer (the model with reference number C01-43AWT2-S00W0-CC with a "Camel" leather strap is reviewed here, but there are two more versions available with "Tan" and "Blue" leather bands,) is the young watchmaking brand's latest attempt to conquer the niche of dressy 'UTC' watches. This time, it offers a better-calculated combination of good quality, great exterior, and a nice automatic movement that is equipped with a complication that is manufactured exclusively for Chr. Ward by its long-standing Swiss-based partner.

Christopher Ward C8 UTC Worldtimer Automatic British

In less than two months, Christopher Ward will start selling the 2016 C8 UTC Worldtimer. Styled as an "aviator" and featuring an appealing combination of a robust Swiss-made movement with their new distinctive approach to design, the new timekeeper is well worth the serious chunk of cash that the watchmaker plans to charge for it.

Chr. Ward C5 Malvern Slimline Square Hand-Wound British

Equipped with a hand-wound Swiss-made movement, the 2016 Chr. Ward C5 Malvern Slimline Square makes a strong impression. In fact, this new accessory, as deceptively unsophisticated as it is, may become one of the halo models for the British brand all over the civilized world, at least when it comes to people who can appreciate real beauty.

Chr. Ward C9 Moonphase Automatic British

Once a maker of all sorts of "homages", Christopher Ward puts a lot of effort into becoming a serious brand. This new, dressy Chr. Ward C9 Moonphase is a step in the right direction for the relatively young watchmaker.

Graham Silverstone RS Racing Automatic Chronograph British

The 2015 Graham Silverstone RS Racing collection is offered in three finishes that you can buy either individually or as a set with a pair of nice sunglasses (paying an impressive amount of around $18,000). Although the device doesn't look groundbreaking in any way, it is still a nice gadget for a person who prefers fresh-looking sporty timekeepers to time-proven (and thus boring) collections from the major brands.

Chr.Ward C9 Jumping Hour MKIII 40mm British

Already available for pre-order with the first bunch of them expected to be delivered mid-March 2015, the new Chr.Ward C9 Jumping Hour MKIII features a refreshingly new design, which is not just clean and easy to read, but is also extremely refined. It looks like the guys that designed this beautiful timekeeper were in the proverbial "zone": they did everything right.

Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT Limited Edition Chronometer (Ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) British / Quartz

The limited edition 2014 Chr. Ward C70 3527 GT (ref. C70-3527GT-SRK) was inspired (and also heavily influenced) by chronographs that were selling back in the 1960s and, perhaps, 1970s. Cheerful (and even playful), it features the signature exaggerated minute track designed to look like gauges on a sports car's instrument panel, and a contrast color scheme for its busy dial, but is powered by a way more precise thermo-compensated quartz movement. Designed and manufactured by ETA, it surpasses any "normal" quartz caliber by an order of magnitude when it comes to the tiny amount of time it gains or loses during a whole year of operation.

Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton Chronograph Limited Edition British

Besides the dazzling Geo.Graham that was released a year ago, the high-tech Silverstone collection is the most elegant in Graham's current product line-up. While different iterations of the Chronofighter and a more sports-oriented Prodive collection are too exaggerated, too extravagant for my taste, the Silverstone series has always been an example in sporty elegance. With its open-worked dial and carefully designed case, the Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton (refs. 2STAC1.B01A in red, 2STAC2.B01A in green, and 2STAC3.B01A in blue) takes this elegance to a new level of sophistication.

Chr. Ward C61 Trident-Pro Automatic Diver British

Considered by many enthusiasts as an entry-level "Swiss Made" watch of choice, the Trident C60 has recently got significantly smaller. Since the bulky 42 millimeters of the original model were often too massive for buyers of the skinnier type, this 38-millimeter Chr. Ward C61 Trident-Pro will fit any medium- and small-sized wrist. And if you think that orange is just too bright for you (and it is, just trust me), there are two more color combinations to choose from.

Chr. Ward C8 Regulator Pilot British

Christopher Ward, a brand that offers watches that are not only well designed but are also affordable and reliable (a rare mix in this segment), has finally started taking pre-orders for its new Chr. Ward C8 Regulator that was first announced back in June as "C800" model. Featuring an aviator-style design similar to their recently announced Chr. Ward Typhoon chronograph, the watch offers an extremely legible and surprisingly well-balanced dial layout.

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