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2012 in Review: Top 12 Watches of the Year! Japanese watches / Swiss Watches

The year 2012 wasn't exactly rewarding for the better part of the population. Greece didn't default, Doomsday didn't happen and Valve yet again failed to deliver HL:3. However, there were certain bright spots, too: Spain emerged victorious in the 2012 UEFA Euro cup and the European politicians somehow managed to prevent collapse of the single currency. The watchmakers from Europe and Japan, too, managed to introduce a number of great watches, although there was nothing truly revolutionary neither in terms of design, nor technical characteristics (here I am talking about mass-produced models, not some ultra-expensive one-offs).

Seiko Astron GPS Solar World Timer in Black Titanium (Ref. SAST001/007) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

First revealed back in March, 2012, the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch is finally available on most markets around the world. Although the timekeeper is presented in four versions (two of them in titanium and two in much more massive stainless steel), the most interesting among them is, of course, this SAST001/007 (no, it has nothing to do with James Bond) model in hard-coated titanium, which is going to be limited to only 2500 pieces.

Seiko Ananta Star Wars Stormtrooper Automatic Limited Edition (Ref. SDGC011) Japanese watches

Although there are hundreds of Star Wars-themed watches there on eBay, most of them do not differ too much from the dirt-cheap jobs that your kids can get with their Happy Meal. This new Seiko Star Wars Stormtrooper (Ref. SDGC011) (and a whole plethora of other timekeepers dedicated to different characters of the SW universe), however, plays in a much higher league. Based on the well-known Seiko Ananta SPB021, the gadget comes powered by a high-quality self-winding movement and features a hard-to-scratch body crafted from hardened steel.

Seiko Land Golgo 13 Automatic Limited Edition (Ref. SBDC021) Japanese watches

Besides the somewhat extravagant Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Golgo 13, the Japanese company has also recently revealed another "collaboration" model based on the same series of manga comic books: a rugged and grim Seiko Land Golgo 13 Automatic Limited Edition (Ref. SBDC021) automatic watch. Although clearly not as dramatic as the Marinemaster, the new timekeeper seems to be a nice improvement on the original Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster (Ref. SBDC013), which it seems to be based upon.

Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive Diver (Ref. BN0100-51E) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

The Japanese brand Citizen has presented their new Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive (Ref. BN0100-51E) diving watch. Powered by their trademark Eco-Drive caliber (a quartz movement that recharges itself using solar radiation and -theoretically- doesn't need its battery changed during the whole lifetime of the mechanism), the watch is offered in a surprisingly discreet body and is rated for whole 200 meters of water resistance: more than enough for an average skindiver.

Japanese watches / Ladies watch / Quartz watches

Browsing Seiko's Japan site, I stumbled upon this beautiful Credor Node J (Ref. GTWE896) ladies watch. Although powered by a quartz movement (albeit a very good one) and possibly offered only as a JDM model, the new timepiece teaches the major Swiss-based watchmakers a lesson or two about creating a watch, which is both elegant and discrete.

Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Golgo 13 Limited Edition Quartz Diver (Ref. SBBN023) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

The Japanese watchmaker Seiko has recently updated its family of expensive diving watches with a new limited edition model. Created together with the local Shogakukan publishing company, the new Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Golgo 13 Limited Edition (Ref. SBBN023) watch pays homage to the iconic "Golgo 13" series of manga comic books, which is centered around the eponymous character who happens to be a professional assassin. Although the character clearly prefers to do his job with a scoped M-16 automatic rifle (a strange choice of weapon for a professional killer, but at least it looks nice on pictures), there is always a room for a diving suit and a good old speargun.

Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive 200M Solar-Powered Diver Japanese watches / Quartz watches

Summer is still far from over and the Japanese watchmaker Citizen has a nice model to offer the constantly growing crowd of budget conscious amateur divers. Their new Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive diving watch comes equipped with the "green" solar-powered quartz movement that runs for almost whole six months after being fully charged and its built-in battery never needs to be replaced. Claimed to work for as long as 20 years without losing its properties, the battery has a good chance of outliving the watch itself.

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