Rolex Daytona Everose Ref. 116505 model Swiss

Presented earlier this year, the new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Everose (Ref. 116505) automatic chronograph comes packed in a flawlessly executed rose gold case. Being one of the most revered models in Rolex’s quiverfull family, the Daytona series was first introduced in 1949 and is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary next year.

Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC  (ref. 3880) military-style watch Swiss

The new Glycine Incursore Power Reserve DLC (ref. 3880) is an ultimate military gadget: it is as simple, as it is highly legible, and it is as scratch-resistant as it is reliable. It could almost an ultimate accessory if not its price: charging whole four grands (okay, it's a "recommended" price, but still don't expect to find a watch below $3200 mark) for a watch that is powered by a mass-market automatic caliber seems a bit extreme to me. After all, for the money, you can find a good used Omega in mint condition equipped with a better caliber.

For Ladies

The new Angular Momentum Illum Aqua Ladies delivers a rare combination of high legibility and an absolutely unique finish. While the greatest majority of brands tends to simply transpose successful designs to their own timepieces or, in the best scenario, blend a couple of different design approaches into something more or less distinctive, AM's owner seems to be never afraid of trying an unbeaten path every time he starts designing a new piece.

Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport quartz watch presented Quartz

Based in a Jura mountain village of Charquemont commune in Eastern France, Michel Herbelin watchmaking company sits so close to the Swiss border it just can't stop producing finest quartz watches in the world. Well, excluding Switzerland, of course. Meet the new Michel Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport family of watches that are going to bring some rugged elegance into your life.

Xemex Piccadilly Chronograph Reserve ALL BLACK Swiss

Created by the famous Swiss graphic designer Ruedi Külling who is mostly known for his award-wining posters and visual advertising materials -the iconic series of ads for Bic, the French maker of ballpoint pens, is, perhaps, the most known among his numerous works- the new Xemex Piccadilly Chronograph Reserve ALL BLACK is as simple in its functionality as it is elegant in its simplicity.

CVSTOS Challenge Tourbillon Yachting Club Tonneau-shaped watch Swiss

Although the new CVSTOS Challenge Tourbillon Yachting Club will possibly fail to stun you with extreme legibility or painstakingly measured proportions, its skillfully decorated maze of indicators and displays with ice-cold platinum accented by warm, maritime-inspired wood makes quite a strong impression when you see this ultra-expensive gadget the very first time. Whether impression will be lasting, is another question.

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