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Bulgari Octo Maserati Limited Edition Swiss

The 2014 Bulgari Octo Maserati Limited Edition (ref. 920007208) celebrates a centenary of the Italian ultra-luxury car manufacturer. The Octo Maserati delivers the finest "sporty" design currently available on the market. It also comes powered by an impressive little "engine" that rivals the gorgeous V8 inside Maserati’s latest GranTurismo MC Stradale.

Making it Complex: Bvlgari Octo Chronograph Automatic Swiss

For the year 2014, the Italian fashion brand has updated its signature Octo family with a beautiful Bvlgari Octo Chronograph. With its extremely complex-looking body featuring as many as 110 surfaces that are alternately machine-brushed and polished, this gorgeous timekeeper makes your average "sporty" chronograph look like a dull and chunky piece of metal that also happens to have a movement inside.

Bvlgari Catene in Rose Gold For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Bulgari is known for its extensive collection of snake-style "bracelet watches." Usually comprising no less than two "coils" that gently embrace a lady's petit wrist, the bracelets are crowned with a snakehead-shaped case that usually houses a compact quartz movement. This new Bvlgari Catene (refs. 102038 BBCP31WGGD1.2T/12 & 102052 BBCP31WGG.2T/12) ("catene" means "a chain" in Italian, if I understand it correctly), however, features a slightly less radical styling that may be especially appreciated by persons suffering from ophidiophobia: an irrational fear of snakes.

Bulgari Astrale Jewelry Ladies Watch (Ref. AEP36D2CWL) For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

Updated for the year 2013 with whole six new members -all showing different combinations of precious stones and precious alloys-, the gorgeous Bulgari Astrale collection of jewelry watches now includes even more finely cut gemstones of different shapes and colors and even more diamonds adorning their gold bezels. With the Astrale ref. AEP36D2CWL (reviewed here) looking the most appealing among them, it still retains the same simple quartz movement that some customers may find not exactly on par with the gadget's recommended retail price of $27,000 USD.

Bulgari Endurer Chronosprint Chronograph Automatic (Ref. BRE56BSVDCHS) Swiss

This sporty Bulgari Endurer Chronosprint (Ref. BRE56BSVDCHS) is among the latest creations of the Swiss-based watchmaking house Daniel Roth that was acquired by Bulgari about a dozen years ago and was pretty recently completely absorbed by the Italian brand. Officially presented to the world at the Baselworld 2012, the refreshed timekeeper sports the same movement and heroically proportioned body, but now features a slightly different finish to its dial.

Bulgari Diagono Ceramic Chronograph Automatic Swiss

Preserving that familiar Diagono styling that millions of people love so much, the automatic Bulgari Diagono Ceramic Chronograph (ref. DG42BSCVDCH in ceramic and ref. DGP42BGCVDCH in rose gold) gets facelifted with an even more elegant, thinner, visually lighter bezel that also allows for more screen real estate. The part (as well as some other elements) is crafted from an extremely scratch-resistant ceramic.

Bvlgari Octo Quadri-Retro Maserati Special Edition (ref. BGO45C3SLDCHQR/MAS) Swiss

Two expensive Italian brands have joined their forces to bring you this piece of high-tech beauty. Being based on the 2011 Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph (ref. BGO45BSCLDCHQR), the new Bvlgari Octo Quadri-Retro Maserati Special Edition (ref. BGO45C3SLDCHQR/MAS) features the same functionality, but adds to the winning formula Maserati colors and the iconic Trident logo. What's really exciting is that, compared to some other makers of luxury sports cars, Maserati didn't even insist on plastering the timekeeper's face and strap with its signature insignia.

Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coils Ladies Watch For Ladies / Quartz / Swiss

The Italian jeweler once again upgrades its snake-shaped Bulgari Serpenti collection increasing the total number of precious coils to seven. It may be purely subjective on my part, but I have an impression that, thanks to all the extra coils (and, of course, the extra length of the bracelet,) the refreshed model looks a lot more organic and attractive than the brand's previous attempts at making a snake-inspired model. However, I also have a feeling that a great number of herpetophobic persons will not agree with me on the 'attractive' part of the description.

Bvlgari Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph Swiss

With the new Bulgari Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph (ref. BGO45BSCLDCHQR) the Italian jewelry brand keeps on consolidating the legacy of the watch manufacturer Gerald Genta that they have recently, um, absorbed. This particular model, for example, is a face-lifted and rebadged version of the Gerald Genta Arena Chrono Quattro Retro "wristboard" automatic watch that was presented two years at Baselworld 2009 if memory serves me well.

Bulgari Papillon Chronograph in rose gold Swiss

Just like the recently unveiled Bvlgari Daniel Roth Grande Lune, the new Bulgari Papillon Chronograph in Rose Gold (ref. BRRP46C14GLCHP) is a refreshed and rebadged version of the original chrono introduced in 2008 by the late Daniel Roth Swiss-based watchmaking brand. If you happened to live under the proverbial rock during the last year, then I have to inform you with the deepest regret that the Italian fashion house finally decided to completely absorb the Swiss brand and gradually start selling Daniel Roth watches under its own trademark. Well, there goes another legend.

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