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Buyer’s Guide: 15 Best Pilot’s Watches to Choose From Buyer's Guide

Looking at our stats, I see that demand for recommendations regarding diving watches is a seasonal thing with most visitors coming in summer and then gradually declining till Christmas only to start growing again in early January. "Pilots" are different animals: I have an impression that people are always interested in "aviators" regardless of the time of season. So, for your reading pleasure, a choice of fifteen timekeepers from under $200 to more than $10,000 as priced by online retailers that I find worthy of being considered while shopping for your new (or maybe your very first!) pilot's watch this year.

Citizen Promaster Navihawk Satellite Wave GPS (ref. CC9030-51E) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

The Japanese brand has been in the business of (also) making GPS-equipped watches for quite some time now. Their new Citizen Promaster Navihawk Satellite Wave GPS (ref. CC9030-51E) is a fine example of how you can get a lot of experience, a block of high-grade steel, a handful of silicon parts and create an absolutely wonderful object that can be a watch, a gadget, and even a surprisingly low-priced fashion statement as well!

Citizen Military Eco-Drive BME Japanese watches

Released in a deliberately oversized body and available in three dial colors, the new Citizen Military Eco-Drive BME delivers all that you can expect from a "tactical" watch except, possibly, for a nice set of tritium gas tubes that would really make it look cool.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Automatic Japanese watches

With its borrowed shape and an outrageously high price tag, the new Citizen Signature Grand Touring Automatic leaves, um, a very strange taste in your mouth. Although the Japanese brand's desire to make some money on an easily recognizable design of a watch that many lust for, but only a few can actually afford is somewhat understandable, it is really a shame to see this sort of trick played by such a respectable manufacturer.

Citizen Eco-Drive Military Sub-Seconds (Ref. BV1085-22H) Swiss Watches

The new Citizen Eco-Drive Military Sub-Seconds (Ref. BV1085-22H) quartz wrist watch updates the well-known family of military-themed solar-powered timekeepers with a new, pilot-style dial. Although not looking terribly original, the new version of the watch is designed to win thousands of customers that look for a gadget that combines a slightly modernized look of a classic pilot's watch with a high-tech Eco-Drive movement.

Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive Diver (Ref. BN0100-51E) Japanese watches / Quartz watches

The Japanese brand Citizen has presented their new Citizen Promaster Sea Eco-Drive (Ref. BN0100-51E) diving watch. Powered by their trademark Eco-Drive caliber (a quartz movement that recharges itself using solar radiation and -theoretically- doesn't need its battery changed during the whole lifetime of the mechanism), the watch is offered in a surprisingly discreet body and is rated for whole 200 meters of water resistance: more than enough for an average skindiver.

Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive 200M Solar-Powered Diver Japanese watches / Quartz watches

Summer is still far from over and the Japanese watchmaker Citizen has a nice model to offer the constantly growing crowd of budget conscious amateur divers. Their new Citizen Scuba Fin Eco Drive diving watch comes equipped with the "green" solar-powered quartz movement that runs for almost whole six months after being fully charged and its built-in battery never needs to be replaced. Claimed to work for as long as 20 years without losing its properties, the battery has a good chance of outliving the watch itself.

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