Tag: Sellita SW300

Ulysse Nardin Diver 42 Automatic Three-Hander Swiss Watches

Designed for a person who thought that Ulysse Nardin's earlier Diver Chronometer 44 was too pricey, too big, and too cluttered for a diver (or, perhaps, for a person who is happy with the watch and wanted to augment their collection with a simpler version of the watch,) the new Ulysse Nardin Diver 42 automatic three-hander offers a beautiful, clean exterior, superior build quality, and a mechanism that, alas, is a bit too simple for the price that the Swiss watchmaker asks for this thing.

Baume & Mercier Two-Tone Linea Automatic (Ref. 10073) Ladies watch / Swiss Watches

Although the Swiss watchmaker has fairly recently updated its line of ladies watches with the beautiful Baume et Mercier Linea automatic wristwatch (refs. 10070 & 10090) that featured a nicely finished stainless steel case and a mother-of-pearl dial, the guys at B&M apparently decided that the watches were too popular among the target audience not to introduce yet another iteration of the watch that would be able to grab attention of those looking for something even more upscale. Now presented in another, more expensive combination of materials and called Baume & Mercier Two-Tone Linea Automatic (Ref. 10073,) the updated watch combines solid 18-carat rose gold and high-grade stainless steel.

Hublot Big Bang 38 mm Automatic Ladies Watch Ladies watch / Swiss Watches

The Swiss watchmaker has recently presented a new series of Hublot Big Bang 38 mm ladies watches equipped with a Sellita SW300-based HUB 1110 automatic movement, as well as more practical -albeit not as jaw-dropping- "Swiss Made" quartz caliber. Although the HUB 1110 is a very basic mechanism that is only slightly refinished and fine-tuned in order to meet stricter standards of the Swiss-based brand, you may still want to consider acting fast, if you are interested in this gadget: wristwatches powered by self-winding movements are rare species in this niche and, something tells me, the watch won't stay in production for long.