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Ulysse Nardin Diver 42 Automatic Three-Hander Swiss

Designed for a person who thought that Ulysse Nardin's earlier Diver Chronometer 44 was too pricey, too big, and too cluttered for a diver (or, perhaps, for a person who is happy with the watch and wanted to augment their collection with a simpler version,) the 2018 Ulysse Nardin Diver 42 automatic three-hander offers a beautiful, clean exterior, superior build quality, and a mechanism that, alas, is a bit too simple for the price that the Swiss watchmaker asks for this thing.

Edox Geoscope GMT Automatic Swiss

Whole 46 millimeters in diameter, the Edox Geoscope GMT (ref. 07002 3 C1) is designed with heroically proportioned people in mind. On the other hand (no pun intended), the timekeeper doesn't make an impression of a watch whose single purpose is to look big. In fact, its massiveness stems from its function: there is a dial that needs to be large to ensure adequate legibility and so there is a large case to house it. That's probably the main reason why it doesn't look stupid: its form follows function.

JeanRichard AeroScope Automatic Chronograph Swiss

Mostly known for its prolific AquaScope family of cushion-shaped divers that offer a nice alternative to impressive, but heavily overpriced Panerai timekeepers, the Swiss-based manufacturer has recently added a nice "aviator" to its model range. Presented back in May during Baselworld 2013 show in titanium (ref. 60650-21G211-FK2A) and black DLC titanium (ref. 60650-21H612-21A), the JeanRichard AeroScope Automatic combines the same rugged, cushion-shaped body with a finely crafted dial of a tri-compax chronograph.

Chopard Happy Sport Medium Automatic For Ladies / Swiss

While this Chopard Happy Sport Medium (ref. 278559-3001) doesn't introduce anything new in terms the shape of its bulky-looking body or dial layout, the new member of the family marks the dawn of a new era for the Swiss watchmaker (or, at least, for the HS model range): it is in fact the first Happy Sport that swaps a simple and not particularly inspiring quartz movement for a more stimulating self-winding caliber.

Baume & Mercier Two-Tone Linea Automatic (Ref. 10073) For Ladies / Swiss

The Swiss watchmaker has fairly recently updated its Linea line with the beautiful Baume et Mercier Linea Collection (refs. 10070 & 10090) that featured a nicely finished stainless steel case and a mother-of-pearl dial. Yet, the guys at B&M apparently decided that the watches were too popular among the target audience not to introduce yet another iteration of the watch that would be able to grab the attention of those looking for something even more upscale. Now presented in another, even more expensive combination of materials, the updated Baume & Mercier Two-Tone Linea Automatic (Ref. 10073) combines solid 18-karat rose gold and high-grade stainless steel.

Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar (Ref.  346.CX.1800.BR) Swiss

At the upcoming Baselworld 2011 trade show Hublot, the Swiss watchmaker that is known for its radical approach to conspicuous consumption, is going to present a somewhat unexpected take on the concept of invisible opulence: the ultra-luxury Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar (Ref. 346.CX.1800.BR) that has every square millimeter of its surface paved with glossy black ceramic blocks.

Hublot Big Bang 38 mm Automatic Ladies Watch For Ladies / Swiss

The Swiss watchmaker has recently presented a new series of Hublot Big Bang 38 mm models equipped with a Sellita SW300-based HUB 1110 automatic movement, as well as more practical -albeit not as jaw-dropping- "Swiss Made" quartz caliber. Although the HUB 1110 is a very basic mechanism that is only slightly refinished and fine-tuned in order to meet stricter standards of the Swiss-based brand, you may still want to consider acting fast, if you are interested in this gadget: wristwatches powered by self-winding movements are rare species in this niche and, something tells me, the watch won't stay in production for long.

Hublot Bode Bang limited edition chronograph (Ref. 301.CI.2010.RX.BDM09) Swiss

Hublot and a four-time world champion alpine ski racer Bode Miller have unveiled a new limited edition Hublot Bode Bang (Ref. 301.CI.2010.RX.BDM09) chronograph watch. While not terribly original and looking like just any other model in the series, just with a new color scheme, the timekeeper may still be worth your attention thanks to its winning combination of an extremely high-contrast dial, elegant design and impressive level of ergonomics.